How to pick up the size for your boxing gloves?


For those who love to practice boxing, they can attend various fitness center to try different workouts during the daily life. However, others choose to purchase their own gears such as gloves, clothes and even the accessories.


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Once individuals have developed their own ability and interest in practicing one particular sport including boxing, they will start to invest in the high quality materials and gears for supporting the training process. This process will help you consider the size and pick own your own pair of glove for boxing.

In the market, there are different types of boxing glove for individuals. So in some cases people often have difficulty in choosing their own pair. According to some experts, let’s take a glance at those types and make a consideration.
Fitness boxing – Boxing gloves for training process

In the modern day, individuals often choose for themselves one particular sport. As a result, the can not only strengthen their health, but stimulate the emotional state as well.
When having one pair of training gloves, people can find it easier to practice comfortably during their spare time. On the other hand, the size of gloves is also one essential aspect that you need to keep in mind.

There are 3 basic steps that you should keep in mind for measuring the size of your boxing gloves:

1. Measuring the hand

Use a tape for measuring the circumference of your hand. Actually, a piece of tape made of metal can be used for measuring; however, the plastic one is easier for you to function. Then, you can hold the hand tightly and cover the piece of tape around your knuckles.


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2. Consider your weight

When picking one pair of boxing gloves, the weight also plays one important aspect. Choose a particular size for your boxing weight. For instance, if you weight roughly 125 lbs, you had better pick up the 12-oz gloves. In addition, for those who have weight more than 155 lbs, you should pick up the gloves with 16-oz.
Also, choosing the weight can help individuals balance effectively when practicing boxing. For instance, they will find it hard to hit the sandbag when their boxing gloves are quietly heavy compared to their own size.

3. Try on the gloves

The next mission is that individuals should try on the gloves to check whether it was designed for them or not. Don’t forget to tighten the Velcro strap for comfortable usage.

There are many types of gloves such as twins gloves, venum or everlast gloves. You can choose some kinds of glove which fit with the size and favorite brands, as long as making you feel comfortable.
Besides, there are still some things individuals need to remember when purchasing their boxing gloves. The proper selection of boxing gloves plays an important role in preventing injuries as well as guarantee its long lasted features.
First, to choose the boxing gloves you need to choose the type of gloves that fit comfortably into your hand. To illustrate, it should not be too tight which make your fist feel hard and not comfortable. In contrast, gloves which are too loose can easily cause injuries.


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A good pair of boxing gloves helps protect the bone from the wrist, arm to the knuckle. As a result, it helps avoid dislocation or sprain during competitions or training process.

Choose the right type of gloves during practice or competition. Take a deeper look, boxing gloves can be divided into 3 categories including:

  1. Boxing gloves when practicing with partners:A type of gloves which is thick and can cover both the wrists and the arms. These gloves contribute to protect you and your partner during the exercising process
  2. Boxing gloves for hitting sandbag:this one is small and offers the lightweight for supporting your wrist and the forearm. There are two kinds of glove including the flops and sliding which often opens for the fingers.
  3. Boxing gloves for competition:More compact and thinner padding compared to the gloves for practicing with your partners, this one allows individuals to create the blow faster than the opponent when playing.

You can choose the boxing gloves go along with the suitable Velcro strap. Don’t forget to pick up the strap which makes you feel comfortable during the practicing process. On the other hand, knowing how to pick up the proper pair of boxing gloves is also very important. It not only helps you train effectively, but also helps you and other partners minimize injury during training process.

Speaking of boxing, everyone understands that it is a sport of boxing, and perhaps the men are the one who much more familiar with it. More specifically, boxing is a sport which individuals have to utilize mainly their hand for practicing those muscular parts. Therefore, individuals are required to wear premium gears and high quality boxing gloves. When purchasing the gloves, it is better that you measure the size of hand for picking one convenient pair during the practicing process.


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