How to Make Vietnamese Coffee


Vietnam Hot Drip and Iced Coffee Recipes


Vietnamese coffee is a real treat for those coffee connoisseurs who prefer their coffee sweet, yet strong. Vietnam coffees are popular in the cafes for their rich, exotic and sweet taste.

Vietnam produces exceptionally high quality Vietnam gourmet coffee beans in its organic farms. Shade grown, these beans are promoted and served across the globe.

Apart from sipping on the restaurant and cafe served coffee drinks, you can also prepare these sweet indulgences at your home to enjoy the heavenly taste of Vietnam coffee.

The Drip Vietnamese Coffee Maker


Drip Filters and Press Set

To enjoy the real essence and for easy preparation of Vietnam-styled coffee, a proper drip coffee pot is ideal. These coffeemakers are quite inexpensive are easily available. They are often referred as Vietnamese coffee filters or Vietnamese coffee press as they are integrated with both a filter and a press.

Made of stainless steel or aluminum, the coffeemaker looks like a mug sitting on a plate. The plate in the middle is perforated to act as a filter. With two brewing chambers and in built filters, you will just have to place a cup with the desired amount of condensed milk under the press and pour hot water on the upper disc. The water will seep through the upper disc, into the coffee and trickle down the filter into the cup.

The operation is simple, yet very effective in extracting the unique flavor and draining the taste from the ground coffee slowly. No other coffee maker can bring out the authentic flavor of Vietnam coffee in such an easy process.

Vietnamese presses are designed to brew a single serving at a time.

How To Make Vietnamese Coffee?

Making Hot Drip Vietnam Coffee Drink – Demonstration

Vietnamese coffee recipe purely depends on your taste buds. While you can enjoy yourself with a hot cup of plain aromatic Vietnamese beverage, you can also pair it up with organic chocolate to add a heavenly tinge to it.

It will take you 6 ounces of brewed, strong coffee, 2 tablespoons of sweet condensed milk and a total of 10 minutes to brew up a single cup.

Pour in the condensed milk in a mug or cup and add the coffee gently by trickling it through the coffeemaker. Try not to disturb the milk while pouring. Now, stir the coffee smoothly to blend the fruity flavor of the dark coffee with the coolness of the milk.

You can further add a cube of dark chocolate rich in coca content to make the cup more indulging. The more cocoa it contains, the easier it melts at the body temperature.

Remember that the darker and stronger the coffee is, the better it tastes.

How To Prepare Vietnamese Iced Coffee?

Vietnamese Iced Coffee Recipe Video Instruction

Vietnamese iced coffees are a simple blend of dark Vietnam coffee and condensed milk with ice at the bottom. Locally known as “ca phe nau da”, it is made from finely ground dark roast Vietnam coffee in a simple Vietnamese drip filter.

Take a cup and fill quarter or half of it with sweetened condensed milk. Now prepared the coffee as mentioned above and drip it from the press into the cup and stir it well. Take ice cubes in a mug, pour the drink over the ice and serve it hot and cold.

Even though a cup of Vietnamese coffee served at the cafes as you watch the world go by, tastes quite exquisite, preparing such a delicious serving at home is also quite easy and inexpensive.

A Vietnamese cup of hot coffee is a great way to start a sunny, windy, chilly or misty day.

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