How to Make Turkish Coffee


Brewing Traditional Turkish Coffee Recipe


Learn how to make Turkish coffee for a classier and unconventional favor, if you have already become bored of the same old taste of home brewed beverage.

Unlike connoisseurs of early times who liked it to be served in copper coffee cups, modern drinkers prefer classy Turkish coffee cups.

However, there is a large difference between brewing Turkish coffee in the traditional way at home and the ones served with very little froth in the eateries.

Brewing Traditional Turkish Coffee Recipe

To prepare a proper Turkish coffee, you do not need charcoal like in old days. The modern heating devices make fine alternatives, provided you know the real requirements of Turkish coffee making. For a cup of authentic Turkish coffee, you need:

  • Medium roasted, fresh Turkish coffee beans
  • Turkish coffee pot
  • Turkish coffee cups
  • Turkish coffee grinder
  • A tiny whisk or fork

How to Make Turkish Coffee?

Los Angeles Times Test Kitchen Turkish coffee video demonstration

Firstly, grind the coffee beans as fine as coca powder. Now add an average of two teaspoons of the powdered coffee for each 60 ml cup in the coffee pot. The amount of coffee powder depends on individual’s taste. However, remember not to over fill the pot with ground coffee, as the powdered coffee is most likely to get deposited at the bottom of the pot.

Next, pour in cold water in the pot for all the Turkish coffee cups. If you want, add sugar to the solution as your taste. Now, you need to stir them well with the whisk or fort to mix up the coffee dust with the water well. Stir it in a motion that is similar to beating eggs.

After mixing in everything, it is time to start heating the solution. The slower you heat it, the better the essence develops. But, while you make Turkish coffee, ensure, that the coffee does not spill out when it boils. Hence, use very low heat.

As the froth starts to bubble, transfer them into the coffee cups using a small spoon.

Now, when the froth starts coming up the edge, remove the coffee pot from the fire and pour in the hot concoction in the coffee cups, from the sides. Try as much as possible to preserve the delicious looking froth. Though the froth looks creamy and milky, it does not contain any milk.

Serving Turkish Coffee


Serving a cup of Turkish coffee, (or any coffee, for that matter) that has over flown over the rim or into the saucer is a repelling way. So, you should take enough care to pour it properly up to the rim, without it flowing over.

You can add a piece of a gummy-like candy, with sugar content, popularly known as the Turkish delight, for sweetening the mouth, after drinking.

When you make Turkish coffee, all the powder does not get dissolved in the water. So, do not start sipping from the cup straight away. Wait for the grounded coffee to settle down and sip gently. Let the thick rich flavor trickle down your mouth to get the true aroma of the Turkish coffee.

Stop drinking as the mud starts sipping in.

So, if you have already mastered the Turkish brewing, then rush to the nearest store to buy Turkish coffee ingredients. Make sure that the coffee beans are of a reputed brand to enjoy the true Turkish flavor.

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