How to Make a Cork Dart Board


Cork dart boards can be an extremely inexpensive and enjoyable activity for one to engage in. Using a minimal amount of resources, a weekend’s worth of time, and a small amount of money, you can create your own dart board and add an element of life to any room. Great for practicing your game or having guests over for an enjoyable event, a cork dart board can be a great addition to any room of the house and can be made for relatively cheap. In order to begin creating your own cork dart board, it is necessary to first gather a few supplies.

Start by obtaining a large piece of corkboard (or a few) which can be purchased at most home improvement or specialty stores. The idea behind getting more than one piece lies in the fact that if this is your first time making a cork dart boards, it gives you a little room for error. Since corkboard is relatively inexpensive, it might be wise to get quite a few pieces just in case something goes wrong, you are looking to create multiple dartboards, or if you would prefer to do a rough practice before trying the real thing. Aside from pieces of corkboard you will need measuring tools so that you can create perfect circles as well as paint so that you can distinguish the different colors of the board. You will also need some metal wire to separate the sections of the board and create a visible line between them.

Start your project by tracing a perfect circle around the outside of the board. This can be either regulation size or any size of your choosing. Depending on how big of space you have to work with, make sure to cut the diameter to fit it. Leave a few feet of room on each side of object so that there’s room in case people miss the target completely. Cork dart boards are generally used in the basement or parlor room, which means that there is generally plenty of wall space to ensure nothing gets damaged. Once you’ve decided the size of your board, it’s time to begin designing it.


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