How To Lose Man Boobs


Usually people think that the main target for fitness is the women, but look at me, writing about “How to lose man boobs”. This is a real issue that must be dealt with.

In all my fitness experience, I have dealt with this problem and man boobs can be humiliating for many men. Sometimes I receive even 10 e-mails in one week asking me how to help the person get rid of this problem. There are many guys out there desperately trying to solve this issue.

I also had a friend, called Chad, which has been a normal fit man. Even if his arms are tanned all the time, his chest is white as a cheese. A few years ago I asked him why is he un-tanned on the chest and he told me that he gets sun burns easily. I bought that the first time he told me but after a while it didn’t make sense. Last summer he told me the truth. He wasn’t getting his shirt off because he didn’t want to show his man boobs. He was too embarrassed. When he told me I felt really bad for him and I decided to create a personalized plan to help him fight this problem.

You should know that there are two main reasons that cause the breasts to swell in a man. One of these two reasons is the estrogen level in the body. The second reason is the excess fat in the body. The estrogen levels can cause the breast tissue to become enlarged. If you leave that untreated, the breasts can become solid and they can even be painful to the touch. It can be most unpleasant. The excess fat in the body will not have the same unpleasant effects. The body fat will only affect the body from a cosmetic point of view.

How can you tell if your man boobs are created by estrogen or body fat? It is simple. With one hand, squeeze the area around the nipple. If that area feels like a very hard ball, then you have tissue growth. If, on the other hand, it is soft and pliable, then you only have excess fat. In most cases, the reason is a combination of both factors. But the great news is that there is also a solution to your problem.

Let’s deal with the estrogen level first. Aromatase is the name of an enzyme that turns the testosterone in the body into estrogen. What can we do to prevent that or stop that?

Diet is the key. You need to eat as many cruciferous vegetables per day, as you can. You can try cabbage, brussel sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower. These vegetables have a substance called indole-3-carbinol (I3C). This affects the estrogen metabolism in a very positive way. I3C blocks the estrogen receptors in the body and it will reduce the negative effects that the testosterone – estrogen conversion has.

Besides adding some natural estrogen in your body, there are also some environmental estrogens that you must try to avoid as much as you can. Here are some ways to avoid the estrogen in the environment:

1. Keep away from pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. If you do come in contact with them, wash properly.
2. Get a good and filtered water supply.
3. Only use organic foods that do not have hormones in them.
4. Do not heat up food in plastic containers because the estrogen levels in the plastic are very high and they leach on to the food if the plastic is heated.
5. Only use ceramic or glass containers to store the food.
6. Do not leave plastic containers that you use, in the sun. One example would be a heated bottle with water.
7. If your water bottle is heated, then you throw it away. Do not drink the water from it because it contains a lot of estrogen.

Now that you have learned how to deal with the estrogen level, you need to think about the fat excess. You can not do exercises that are only dealing with the chest. But you can do an exercise program that focuses on building resistance, that has many high-intensity cardio activities.

A very efficient training program is the How To Get Ripped Abs system and it can easily help you loose that excess body fat. How To Get Ripped Abs does not have all those boring cardio workouts, and the lame circuits that never work. It has unique exercises at precise intervals, and they will shape up your pecs so that you are never again afraid to take off your shirt in front of everybody.

In conclusion, this is all you have to do in order to get that manly chest and never be embarrassed about your upper body again.


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