How To Lose Fat Fast And Keep It Off


Many people know that the rate at which you lose weight depends on the metabolic rate. The metabolic rate defines how many calories your body will burn in a day. But metabolism can be influenced. One of the biggest influence factors for the metabolism is the quantity of lean muscle that you have in the body. This is why it is very important that you build and than maintain the lean muscle quantity while you lose weight.

Each pound of muscle needs between 35 and 50 calories each day in order to maintain itself. All these additional calories get burned during the day even if you are resting.

This means that by adding 1 pound of lean muscle you will actually burn 12.775 calories each year. Just imagine the difference if you do that. This means that if you add 4 pounds of lean muscle you will burn about 73,000 calories each year. This is equal to 15-21 pounds of body fat lost.

The results can be quite dramatic if you follow this advice. This means that you have to encourage yourself to do muscle building activities. Avoid those exercises that lead to muscle loss because they do nothing good for you.

Resistance training is one of the best ways to build and then keep the muscles. With a good resistance training program you are easily able to burn down the calories and also to make your metabolism catch fire and speed the processes up. This means you will be burning calories every minute of your day! You will be burning calories even when you are sleeping. So follow the next steps towards exercises that have a positive metabolic effect.

The first tip is to do 3 full workouts per week. You have to do them on consecutive days like Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Between the workouts, make sure you have a day, because that day is for an optimal recovery between the sessions.

By spacing out the workouts you will also make sure the metabolism is elevated all the time and keeps burning calories. Scientific studies prove this and my experience has also confirmed it.

The studies also say that after doing a proper full body workout the metabolism stays ignited for 40 hours. This means that just when the metabolism is starting to slow down, you will do another training session and fire it back up. So follow these advices and do full body workouts 3 times a week.

From my own personal experience I have found out that a certain full body workout is simple and very effective. I will not tell you about it. It involves choosing 2 exercises for the upper body, then 2 exercises for the lower body, plus 2 direct abdominal exercises.

You must not rest between the reps and you have to do a circuit of all the 6 exercises in this particular order: upper, lower, ab, upper, lower, ab. Usually after the repetition, you need to rest for about 90 second and then do the pattern twice more.


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