How to keep your boxing gloves clean and fresh?


Different from other sports, boxing allows individuals to workout with high intensity practices. From those exercises, you can strengthen your physical health, especially all the muscular parts in the body. Therefore, this type of sport also requires individuals to prepare suitable gears for protecting during the practicing process.
When owning one pair of boxing glove, this accessory tends to appear a bad smell after just a short period of time. Stinky gloves will reduce the frequency for individuals to spend in fitness centers. In addition, it can somehow make others stay away from you. It does not matter whether you purchase your boxing gloves online or from professional brands, let’s read these tips for keeping them clean and fresh.


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As mentioned above, boxing gloves are gears which can create annoyed smell through the time being. For worst, it can stimulate the growth of bacteria and mold when having the sweat in. Therefore, protecting the gloves is the typical way for not only protecting for health, but lengthen the lifespan of the gears as well.
1. Just put in the bag when it’s necessary

For most boxers, they often put their boxing gloves in the bag after finishing the practicing process. And some just store them until they come to the fitness center again. This action is not regarded since it especially not good for the gears.
As individuals have not known that the damp, warm and dark atmosphere in your bags is the most ideal condition for the breeding and the growth of bacteria. Therefore, just put the gloves in bag after each boxing session, users will find their gloves stinky during the warm weather. Try to take them out after you get home.

2. Hang your gloves in the natural air



It is suggested that individuals should hang their boxing gloves in the ventilated area. For instance, they can place them in the garden with lots of sunshine or in one room with well-designed ventilated system. And don’t forget to put some fans for pushing away the smell.

For those who are careful, one mesh bag will help protect the quality of gears when being hung. Obviously, natural sunlight is very good for killing all the bacteria. It is important that users dry their gloves completely to limit the humid moisture.

3. Use an anti-bacteria spray

When producing the gloves, most manufacturers also pay attention to other products which help enhancing the lifespan of gears. Killing the bacteria before hanging the gloves is one suggested solution for those who are not hesitate when investing in those things.
However, utilizing this anti-bacteria spray as the main method for keeping your gloves clean will be a bad mistake. Individuals must also dry their gloves and keep them in the fresh air condition when using this spray as well.

4. Try to use the glove dogs

It seems a little bit complicated. However, this accessory is easily found in some local retailers. Or people can make their glove dogs at home by themselves. By applying this method, you can save a small amount of money. Let’s follow those steps:
Find one pair of old cotton socks in the house
Place the cedar chips into your socks (these things can be bought comfortably in some pet stores)
Check to see as if these things are fitted with each other. Then keep repeating the times until you get the right amount.
Put the glove dogs in your boxing gloves so it can absorb all the annoyed smell

5. Freeze your gloves in refrigerator

In some cases, the gloves started to get stinky in the worst level. At that time, spraying or hang them out may not result in the good condition. Then freezing your boxing gloves is the proper solution for this circumstance.
Just put your gloves in the plastic bag then place it in the freezers for nights. After that, take them out and hang under the fresh atmosphere for just a couple of days. As you known that, freezing can not only reduce the growth of bacteria, but limit the annoyed smell as well.

6. Utilize a dryer for sheets

Utilizing one dry sheet for softening the materials of fabric is a great solution to deal with those stinky boxing gloves. Although it cannot kill the mold, this device can help smashing the inside fabrics to release the worst smell.
When applying this method, just make sure that you are not allergic to any kinds of chemical released from the sheet. The disadvantage is that allergic people start to break in to rashes when they are not careful. If not, you can consider this method for cleaning the boxing gloves.



7. Wash them regularly

Why individuals have missed that washing your boxing gloves regularly is the best method among those ways? Try to keep in mind the time you practice your boxing sessions. Then clean them based in this frequency.
When smelling the odor or the worst smell from boxing gloves, it is better that individuals clean their boxing gloves as soon as possible. With this method, you can not only protect the quality of your gears, but have clean accessory when attending your practicing sessions as well.

Overall, boxing is one particular sport which requires individuals to bring along their gears. These gears will help protecting the body from some high intensity exercises. To know the methods for keeping those gears clean, hopefully this article has lent you a hand on enhancing the lifespan of your products.


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