How To Increase Power of your Portable Generator by Daisy Chaining


You’ve probably heard that daisy chaining portable generators is a way to increase power. But just what does that mean?

Daisy chaining portable generators to increase power simply means hooking more than one generator together to take advantage of the total combined wattage power output from all or both. Many portable generators come equipped for daisy chaining, and those that do not can generally use a daisy chain accessory that you buy separately to accomplish the daisy chaining.

One of the portable power generators that has its own daisy chaining capability is the Coleman 50100 portable power kit. This generator is made for small pieces of equipment while camping – PDA’s, laptops, cell phone chargers and MP3 players. It offers 2 watts of power. You may find that daisy changing with another portable generator is needed to give you adequate power while camping or during a power outage.

This generator, equipped with its own daisy chaining system, works if conditions are sunny due to its solar charge capacity. It also doubles as a flashlight and a radio. It is great for hiking, camping and other outdoor road trips. It has an optional 6 or 12-volt charge option, as well.

This handy little daisy chaining portable generator weighs a little over three pounds, and is priced under $100.

If your portable generator doesn’t come equipped with daisy chaining capability you can still increase your wattage output by buying a daisy chain accessory for $12 or less. These connect your portable generator charges in parallel and deliver the combined wattage of the portable generators that you are daisy chaining.

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