How to get rid of smell in boxing gloves


Boxing is one type of activity which is becoming popular towards a great number of people nowadays. For those who are careful, they pay so much attention on the quality as well as the lifespan of their gears. However, the most annoyed thing is the boxing gloves tend to appear the dirty smell after a long time using.
There are various ways that individuals can apply for releasing the annoyed smell in the boxing gloves. These information displayed below are very useful since they are not only inexpensive, but prevent the odors from attaching into the gloves as well.


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1. Release the atmosphere inside the gloves

One of the main reasons that causes annoyed smell is the atmosphere released from the sweat. It is suggested that the interior atmosphere should be released after a long time using. For some individuals, they often store these gloves in the bag for using in the following training session. This is not a good way for protecting your gears.
Among various gears, the breathable mesh can be utilized for releasing the smell inside your gloves. Obviously, the practicing process will release the sweat which cannot evaporate into the air. As a result, trainers will have to experience a dirty and smelly process when not paying attention to their gears.

2. Wrap your hand over

For some boxers, they tend to cover their hand with 2 coats of boxing gloves. If you are the one who just only use the boxing gloves, there are some benefits you may know:



The reason people wrap their hand is to prevent the sweat from absorbing inside your gears.

Boxing gloves are gears which can protect individuals from exterior fraction started from the partner. Wrapping their hand allows individuals to protect the wrist, knuckle as well as your finger.

3. Keep your boxing gloves clean

It sounds simple, but this is precisely the way that is omitted or neglected the most. In fact, the obvious feature of sweat is odorless. The smell that most boxers smell during the practicing process is actually the interaction between the perspiration and bacteria, the dust and dirt. If you do not believe, you can make a comparison between a weightlifting smell in modern gym with a soccer player who has to practice throughout the day.

  • Therefore, it is recommended that people should pay attention to the preserving process. For instance, do not place your boxing under the ground or dusty places.
  • Remember to wash the hand carefully before wearing your gloves. As usual, the hand also has its own smell, even when you are not practicing
  • Also after each workout process, you should also hang the gloves in the dry environment to reduce humidity inside the glove. Try not to dry your gloves near the heating system or directly under the sunlight.
  • Humidity (from sweat while practicing) is the main environment for increasing the growth of microbes. As mentioned above, individuals may have to throw away their gloves when they appear the combination of sweat and bacteria for too long.

4. Utilize the dry tea residue

Maybe you don’t know, but the retain residue after drinking tea can help release the annoyed smell from your boxing gloves. Try to keep the residue dry. Then sew a cloth bag and leave these residues in tea. Remember that you should not use the prepackaged teas because they are often mixed with raw sugar or sweet taste
After each practicing process, clean inside gloves and tucked the tea bag which contains residue inside for releasing the smell. On the other hand, this method can also be applied to shoes, socks (but anyway shoes socks are still washable so do not overdo this way).

5. Cider vinegar is useful for releasing the smell

For this method, individuals can use 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar for each glove (as shown in the picture below)


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Get a small amount of vinegar into the palms and rubbed directly into the glove, then let it dry overnight. For people who have applied this method, they also claim that the smell has almost disappeared. Just with a small amount of usual ingredients, it is effective as when you use other expensive chemicals purchased from the convenient store.

Some important tips that you should remember

  1. Not to let others borrow your boxing gloves. It seems a little selfish; however, we cannot know whether their hands are clean and do not have the bacteria or not.
  2. If your gloves are covered with dirty smells, individuals can spray a small amount of Dettol – one anti bacteria liquid used for practicing gears. After that, place them in the airy atmosphere for the smell to go away.
  3. As mentioned above, individuals ought to wrap their hands when practicing. Besides washing the boxing gloves, it is necessary that you wash your wrap as well. And the most important thing is to keep them dry for blocking the growth of bacteria inside.
  4. DON’T use these wet wraps – Even when you have just washed your wraps, you should not use them as well. This period is an ideal time for increasing the growth of bacteria and mold. It is suggested that boxers should prepare some pairs of wrap for convenient usage
  5. It is better to keep the gloves dry by using the hair dryer. Try not to use the clothes dryer. The reason why you are suggested this is because clothes dryer tend to operate in the higher level of temperature. This may affect and damage the materials for making your gloves, especially for leather gloves.

There have been many opinions and experiences about how to release the annoyed smell for your boxing gloves among the society who love boxing. These information have been presented from social networking to the gym. From the professional measures, such as the use of deodorant (kind dedicated to boxing gloves) until the dry glove habit immediately after use have been applied very successfully. And also, don’t forget to keep in mind those tips for releasing the smell and odors.


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