How To Get Rid Of Love Handles Fast


I could never understand why body fat sits on the side of the waist and it is called “love handles”. I find the expression interesting as it creates a pleasant feeling. But why is such an unpleasant thing called in this way? These small pockets of fat are unpleasant, to say the least.

As a fitness trainer, I have seen many people trying desperately to stay in shape and lose weight, even with weight loss pills. Contacting me has been the salvation for many of them. They have put all their hopes in me. For them I have designed many exercise routines to get rid of those love handles and to do that really fast. The exercises have included many side-bending exercises and a lot of rotational movements. I am now going to talk to you about a special protocol initiated to help people lose fat really fast.

This program has proven most efficient so far and it is a typical weight loss regimen.
The protocol deals with eating less food and doing more cardio movements. This program will help you lose weight fast and get more lean muscle on your body. This way you will not be losing weight just by eliminating water or getting rid of the good muscles.

Also, you should know that in order to lose all those love handles you need to work the sides of the waist. But that exercise alone will not completely burn the fat lines that are now on top of the muscles. The body does not work this way. You need some string exercises that work all the upper body in order to get rid of the fat lines.

You should also pay attention because the ill-advised abdominal exercises are making the oblique muscles to build up. And you do not want your waist to get wider. You want the waist to get smaller and thinner.

So we need exercises that encourage the growth of lean muscles and, at the same time, burn the excess fat. Only in this way the love handles will go away and your waist will become slimmer. So what is the best routine for reaching this goal?

Over the years I have done several trials and many errors and finally I developed this plan that works perfectly. This is it:

1. Do sprint training– this type of exercise is one of the best and most efficient cardio activity. It helps you burn fat, work the waist and ignite the metabolism.

2. Do a good designed resistance workout program – the resistance workout helps you lose a lot of weight and with the right number or reps you will get slimmer in no time. Many fat loss experts promote this type of exercise because it brings good results in less time. Also, the permanent fat loss results tend to be permanent.

But do not use only high reps because their side effect is that it will cause you to lose lean muscle besides fat and that is not good because it will slow down the metabolism rate. So mix the resistance program with other types of exercises. Only with a great balance you will see optimal results.

3. Make sure to vary the calories – do not eat the same food type with the same calories type. Keep in mind that you have to create a caloric deficit and so that the metabolism will work with it. But you will experience periods of time where you will feel tired, until the body accommodates itself with the new calories intake. But do not overeat.

So be stubborn about it and do all the exercises! Make sure to diminish the calories intake and you will lose the love handles in no time. If you do all this you will be seeing the first results after the first two weeks. The waist will be slimmer and the fat build up on your abdomen will decrease and you will start to sculpt your body.


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