How To Get Flat Lower Abs


If someone gave me a nickel for every time I hear the following phrase: “I am getting good upper abs but there is a pouch of fat on the lower abs” … I would be so rich today!

Many people experience this issue. They start losing weight but they still have a “lower ab bulge”. This “bulge” appears for three reasons. The downfall is that, if you want to get rid of it, you need to address all the three reasons.

The first reason for that fat deposit is actually the excess of body fat. Many people that start losing weight they eliminate the fat from the abs but on the belly the fat remains. The skin gets leaner and it can also hang over there. Around the belly button area a mass of fat is preserved. You only get to lose this belly button fat if you follow a strict plan like the How To Get Ripped Abs routine. This program includes: a good nutrition, high intensity cardio and many metabolism-boosting resistance exercises.

The other reason is the position of the pelvis. If the pelvis is too tilted forward, it can cause the lower back to be slightly arched and push the belly out. This way the abs will bulge out no matter what the body fat level is. To deal with this situation you need to do the correct exercises and stretch the hip flexors. Combine stretches into the workout you do and you will see how the abs are becoming flat.

Here is a good and easy to do hip flexor stretch exercise and also some corrective ab exercises that will help you achieve abdominal strength.

Hip Flexor Stretch – sitting down on a lunge with the back knee on the floor, you push the hips forward while you maintain the upright posture. After that you need to adjust the distance between the legs and hold that place for about 30 seconds. Repeat on the other side and do the whole process 4 times. Put a soft surface like a mat underneath the knees so that you do not hurt them.

Beginner Ab Exercise – on your back, bend the knees to 90 degrees and put the feet flat on the floor. Keep the palms down, and put them under your lower back. Lift the legs off the floor, both of them at the same time, till the knees are pointing to the ceiling. Put some pressure on the fingers by rolling your pelvis backward. This is just the starting position. You also need to lower the legs to the floor but do not arch the back. Straighten the legs several degrees until you start doing the exercise with perfect straight legs.

Intermediate Ab Exercise – this one is also done on the back and with the knees flexed to 90 degree angles. Bring the knees toward chest, flexing the abdominal muscles, and raise the butt from the floor. Make sure to keep a constant knee angle. Return until the hips and knees are again at a 90 degree angle and repeat the number of reps.

Advanced Ab Exercise – on a decline bench, you have to flex the knees and keep the hips to a 90 degree angle. The knees must be toward your chest and reach that position by flexing the abdominal muscles. Raise the butt up from the bench maintaining a constant knee angle. You can also make things a bit difficult and increase the angle of the decline bench.

But I said nothing about the third reason. This is the abdominal bloating. This bloating can be caused by constipation or a bad food diet. When you are constipated you gather a lot of water in the body and you can eliminate that through dietary fiber (25-40 grams daily). Talk to your physician about how to get an optimal bowel function.

You can also be bloated when you eat food that you are reactive too. If you are sensitive to a type of food, then the system responds and the abdominal area can be bloated. So eliminate the food that causes you this discomfort and you will be fine.

These are the tips and tricks which you will help you get a flat and sexy abdomen.


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