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If your child came to you and asked how to filter water you would probably point him in the direction of a science book or the encyclopedia.

Such resources may show him the science of water filtration or how to make a crude home-made water filter.

Those books may even explain how city water purification works.

But as a parent or guardian, one entrusted with the well-being of your family, the issue of how to filter water should interest you too.

This is because our tap water, though not lethal, can be made to be safer and tastier than it is with home water filtration.

Sure enough, municipal water purification gets rid of many contaminants from our drinking water. But trace amounts of many of hose contaminants still remain in our water supply.

Plus, there are new contaminants being added to our water supply for which the EPA has not yet established safety guidelines. Pharmaceutical drugs fall within this category.

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There have been reports of pharmaceutical drugs being found in drinking water and how these could impact our hormones and central nervous systems.

Some experts think that those drugs exist in too small a quantity to do any harm to our bodies. However, there are many scientists who believe the opposite.

They are worried about the cumulative long term health effects of the drugs and other contaminants, such as volatile organic chemicals and chlorine. (You can go the water supply contaminants page to get a deeper understanding of the health effects of the most popular contaminants).

As a parent or guardian, you can improve upon the quality and safety of your tap water by installing a home water filtration system. Such a device will further remove or eliminate contaminants that still remain in your tap water, such as chlorine, dirt, lead, PCBs etc.

Of course, when it comes to the issue of how to filter water, there are many home filtration devices on the market.

An activated carbon filter such as this counter top water filter or under counter water filter will remove the most troublesome contaminants in your tap water.

These devices will remove chlorine, cysts, lead, methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE), pharmaceuticals, prescription drugs, trihalomethanes (THMs) and volatile organic chemicals (VOCs).

There are other water filtration units that will remove varying contaminants. Some of these will filter water that goes to every tap in your home, such as a whole house filter, others will filter water at just one tap.

To discover which is most suited to you, read our water filter comparison page.

When you consider how essential drinking water is to overall health, getting a quality household water filtration system is one of the best investments you could make in your family’s future.

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