How To Connect Your Portable Generator To Your House


Has your home been subjected to an emergency power outage from a severe storm or other event? Even rolling black-outs can be a serious problem for some areas as local power plants experience usage overloads or unexpected shut-downs. During black-outs groceries requiring refrigeration can go bad in a matter of hours.

During winter months pipes can freeze and heat for your family’s safety can be a real problem. Portable generators can help safe-guard your home and your family by providing electrical power to necessary appliances, TV and radio, heaters and more. One way to accomplish this is to install an emergency power panel that will safely allow you to transfer your home’s electrical circuits over to generator power with the flip of a switch.

The new emergency circuits can be customized to transfer the generator’s electrical output to essential devices such as a microwave, refrigerator, select lighting, TV, etc. This convenient circuit panel will allow your family to stay safe during any electrical black-out or emergency situation. In this video demonstration you can see how an emergency circuit panel works with a standard portable generator during a black-out.


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