How to choose the proper headgears for boxing


Among lots of gears used for boxing, the head gear is also important since it helps to protect the head during the game. Most boxers often think that wearing this gear just makes look like a cold fighter. However, many people have reveal the important of headgear when playing boxing. In term of boxing, it is very difficult to achieve the victory, and the headgear also contributes to this achievement.
For those who are ready to take part in this major, the first think you should consider is to choose the proper headgear for your head. It will be hard to ask the siblings or partners who work at the gym with you, this article will lend you a hand.


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The type of headgear

Like other gears which support the sport process, headgear also comes in various types and designs. Therefore, when take a look in the market or suppliant store, individuals will confuse among various types of product. Each of them can be used for different purposes in boxing.
Although the headgear tends to cover roughly ¾ of your head; however, the quality depends on the amount of padding. As a result, you head and face will be protected effectively.
However, when having too many padding in the headgear, individuals are more likely to hurt as well as down their head. Headgears should be designed not only to protect both the head and the face when practicing, but bring the comfortable feeling for people who wear it as well.

Does it fit perfectly?

Second, one element that people should keep in mind is that they have to answer the question: “Does it fit perfectly and make you feel comfortable?”. Therefore, this is also one reason why experts or professional boxers often refuse to purchase the headgears from online website. You won’t have the chances to try and pick up the ideal product before investing a great amount of money.
When picking the headgears, individuals should keep in mind some notes below:

  1. Headgears are designed to release individuals from the trapped and claustrophobic sense created by the gears.
  2. In fact, the size of head for each individual is different from each other. Therefore, it is better when you pick up the one that best suits your head sizes.
  3. When purchasing the headgears, comfort and convenience should be considered as the top priority. With this aspect, individuals are less likely to be distracted during the boxing process.

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Point of view for individuals

Besides the designs and the fitting aspect, the visibility of boxers is one thing that you should consider. For most individuals, they choose to pick up the high-quality headgear; however, these headgears tend to limit the vision of boxers during the training process.

  • When mentioning about boxing, people must make perfect combination between the movements and various visibility.
  • During the boxing process, it is better to keep your chin head off the ground. As a result, it will not be affected by various conditions from the outside environments
  • Actually, headgear often comes with the cheek padding. This part tends to reduce the vision when wearing the headgears. Then picking up the headgears but individuals still need to maintain the clear vision from those cheek paddings.

The tightness

In term of construction, fasteners are designed to help securing the designs and the tightness of headgears. Take a deeper look, there are two different positions for designing the fasteners including the back head and under your chin.
In addition, the fasteners should be designed to offer the comfort and freedom when using regularly. Individuals can also feel free to adjust this to the suitable levels. With the development of design, headgears can now equipped with both the Velcro tightness and lace up system.
Mentioning about the lace up system, there is one mode called “Zoning” which allows individuals to adjust the levels on different parts of your head. However, this part requires you to need support from other people and take lots of time. In contrast, the Velcro is more convenient to adjust in a short period of time.

Pay attention to the padding

Padding is one element which helps to reduce the shock absorption and unexpected problems happened with your head during the training session. People can purchase the padding based on their purposes such as provide the good vision or effective protection.


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The quality and durability

For most of the products, the quality and lifespan will be based on the amount of money you can afford for them. For those who can afford the price, they can utilize the headgear for such a long period of time.
It is suggested that individuals should consider careful when purchasing their headgears. When you can afford to invest a great amount of money, they you will receive the quality based on the money that you have spent.

Overall, boxing is a sport which gives individuals the chances to strengthen their health, but also to improve some skills related to flexibility and balance as well. Goes along with your headgears, there are still other things such as the cheek padding, Velcro straps or protector which contribute to the success of your training process. Pay a closer attention to those stuffs as well.


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