How To Choose The Best Miter Saw.


Being a person working with wood all the time, I have multiple tools that allow me to do certain jobs. One very common tool that is used among woodworkers all over the world are saws of course. There are multiple saws to many types of jobs such as the scroll saw, a table saw, a band saw and many others. However, there is one saw in particular that every woodworker should have and that is the miter saw. Many miter saws are compact and transportable which is very handy. The miter saw is more commonly used for framing operations such as in the process of manufacturing picture frames. Of course, there are many types of miter saws to choose from, and really, when it comes to choosing a miter saw, it comes down to what a person needs in a miter saw. After looking over the many types of miter saws and narrowing down the choices, the size, features, quality, and specifications and price are the next things to consider in deciding how to choose the best miter saw.

There are three different sizes when it comes to miter saws: 8 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches. These different sizes don’t refer to the whole miter saw itself, but rather refer to the size of the blade within the miter saw. The 8 inch saw blade is very small and not commonly used for cutting bigger pieces of wood, but rather used for cutting pieces of wood that are about 2 by 4. Woodworkers more commonly use the 10 or 12 inch saw blade for cutting the bigger pieces of wood.

Miter saws also come in different features such as: regular, compound, duel bevel, and sliding. A regular miter saw can take a piece of wood and do a simple crosscut. The compound miter saw can take a piece of wood and cut an angle, a bevel, or both all together. A duel bevel miter saw can take a piece of wood and cut a bevel on the left and right side from perpendicular aspect. A sliding miter saw is able to slide on a rail and cut bigger pieces than a regular miter saw would.

The quality of a good miter saw can usually be defined by its warranty. How the miter saw was built is very important to choosing the best kind of miters saw. Check the materials used in making the miter saw. Make sure, if able, to look at models in stores to see how they fare just from the use in the store. If the store model seems banged up and not very reliable, the model can be disregarded and the list of miter saws narrowed down even more.

The price of the miter saw is where great deals can be made. After looking over all the parts and the specifications with which the miter saw comes, makes sure the the miter saw being purchased is able to do the jobs needed and is within a reasonable price range.

Finding the right miter saw may seem like a difficult task, but in choosing the best miter saw, the rewards will be most beneficial. Much investigation is needed as well as persistence in waiting for the right one. Such an investment in choosing the best miter saw takes time.


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