How To Check Glove Size


To save fustration of recieving the wrong sized heated gloves its always best to check before hand. To ensure a proper fit simply measure your dominant hand with a tape measure around the knuckles of your hand. Please note that some manufacturers of heated gloves show sizes in inches where some show the sizes by small,medium,large etc. A good way of testing if the fit is to make a closed fist. if you cant close your fist properly then theres a chance the gloves are to small. Incorrectly fitting gloves will effect the efficiency of the insulation. Gloves that dont fit properly and are too big or small wont hold the heat correctly and you can end up with cold hands still. Below is a table to aid you.

Womens Gloves SizesInchescmx-small615small6 1/217medium718large7 1/219x-large820Mens Gloves SizesInchescmsmall718medium71/2 – 820large81/2 – 923x-large9 1/2 – 1025xx-large10 1/2 – 1130


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