How to Buy a Wind Turbine


Before even thinking of buying a wind turbine for your home, it is important that you consider the area in which you live. Urban and residential areas for example would probably not be suitable, whilst ideally you would have an acre or more of spare space in which to site your turbine.

There are some turbines available that do have blades restricted to one meter or less. However,
 the output of these machines is reduced accordingly, and may prove unviable for a home installation.

The second issue to consider regards the wind speed in your area. In order to maximize the output, and thus make significant reductions to your energy bill, you would need a minimum average speed of ten miles per hour.

When heading off to actually buy a wind turbine, ensure you go armed with your home’s energy consumption figures. The turbines available to you will vary depending on the kwh. Staff at the point of sale, or indeed the manufacturers directly will be able to guide you.

Increasingly, wind turbines are using gearless permanent magnet generators. This tends to give much better reliability, whilst performance is also enhanced. Again, when deciding which generator to go with, discuss your options with the manufacturer.

Another topic to discuss with your manufacturer is in regards to the design and material of the rotors themselves, with the widely accepted best being aluminum to cut through the air and generate the highest return.

Once your decision has been made, and you are ready to buy your wind turbine, be sure you run it past your utility company before installation.

It is their legal responsibility to connect the unit to the grid, and you are not insured or authorized to perform such a connection. No major re-wiring will be required, and the wiring in the house will be undisturbed.

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