How to build a Trundle Bed


On holidays, close or distant family members are gathering together and every time extra beds are needed, so for someone who is really into handcraft and woodwork it’s easy to learn how to build a trundle bed, rather than purchase one from a furniture store.

First of all, for someone who is fond of woodwork, this is a good way to start making pieces of furniture that can be successfully used at home. Besides, it is always advised to start with something easy to make, and a trundle bed is exactly what you need for a successful beginning. The materials are easy to find in any hardware store, or simply lying around your house, in the barn or garage, waiting to be put to good use.

Then, there is of course the financial aspect that should not be neglected. It is cheaper to “produce” your own spare bed than purchase it from a store. Besides, it is always the advantage of having a piece of furniture made exactly by measure, and that fits perfectly under the main bed.

What matters the most in the case of trundle beds is to be practical rather than heavy decorated, and paying for some useless additions that supposedly make it look nicer doesn’t make any sense. For all these reason, it is certainly worth to learn by yourself how to build a trundle bed.


Although it is quite a simple operation, it requires a few preparations and there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Measurements – They are probably the most important part not only of the pre-construction process, but of any other do it yourself project that implies woodworking. They must be made very carefully, so that the trundle bed fit perfectly under the main bed once it’s finished. For this, the mattress, the material used for the frame and, last but not least, the space under the main bed has to be measured. Always keep in mind that the success of the entire operation depends on how accurate your measurements are.
  • Plan – It is always good to have a well established work plan, if you are interested in how to make a trundle bed or other piece of furniture by yourself. You can choose a book which describes various methods of construction, or you can design your own project and set the work stages in the desired order. The best way is for you to adopt a combination of the two, especially if you have in mind a more special project, such as a pop-up trundle bed or a twin trundle bed.
  • Costs – Make a list with what you need, then look and see if you have some of the things around the house. Look for information on where you can purchase the rest of the materials for acceptable prices. Do the same for the tools, and buy or borrow the ones that cannot be found in your toolbox. The last thing you have to do, and which is a part of the process is to draw the line and make an estimation of the total costs. It will help you a great deal to form an image on the financial aspects involved.

Step by Step

  1. Gather the materials – They should be easy to find, since, in essence you need very simple things. The mattress is the most important, because it is directly connected to the size of the frame. A memory foam mattress is the best for this purpose, but you can settle for an inflatable mattress if you don’t have the money. Besides, it is easy to fold and store when it is no longer needed. For the frame itself, you need four standard 2×4 lumber boards, a hammer, nails and plywood for the bottom. To move the bed easier, wheels can be added.
  1. Build the frame – For someone with a little experience in woodworking, this is the easiest part of it. All you have to do is nail the four lumber boards in the shape of a rectangular box, and then stick the plywood to the bottom using glue. However, you must trim the edges of the boards nicely, so that they can fit perfectly.
  1. Attach the wheels – If you choose to do this, then the additional height should also be considered. Thus, it is better to decide from the beginning whether you want wheels or not.
  1. Paint the frame. It is always great to find a color that matches the one of the main bed, for a more pleasant aspect.

After all the work with the frame is done, all you have to do is to place the mattress. The satisfaction of seeing the job done is always more than enough to repay the efforts you made while learning how to build a trundle bed alone.


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