How to Apply False Lashes in Five Easy Steps


Applying false eyelashes can be a tough chore to figure out if you’ve never done it before. However, it’s actually quite fun and easy to do once you’ve mastered the basics. False eyelashes can give that extra panache to your overall look and allow your eyes a tantalizing vibe that is sure to turn heads at parties, get-togethers, and everyday social events. Long eyelashes are also a part of the female sex symbol that can greatly enhance your beauty and physical attractiveness towards the opposite sex.

So what are we waiting for? Here’s how to apply false lashes in five easy steps:

Step one: Buy the false lashes

At the onset, you would need a pair of false eyelashes. They come in different sizes for women as well as different types of hair length, style, color, and angle. Here are the things to keep in mind when picking out which false eyelashes are best for you:

  • First of all, this article deals with band eyelashes. These are false eyelashes that are attached together in an adhesive band which you then lay on top of your natural lashes. This type is the easiest and cheapest way to extend your lashes, but they also have about a short 24-hour lifespan and would need to be reapplied for longer use. The other types are cluster eyelashes, semi-permanent eyelashes, and permanent eyelashes, which we won’t cover here.

 Band eyelashes. The subject of this article.

 Cluster lashes. Lasts longer but requires more time to apply.

 Semi-permanent lashes. Lasts until your natural lashes fall out but requires the aid of a technician. 

 Permanent lashes. Lasts your whole life but requires a skilled surgeon to apply and can be expensive.

Step two: Buy the eyelash glue/adhesive

You would also need to buy special glue made solely for applying false eyelashes. Usually, the company that makes the lashes you want also sell eyelash glue; you can buy both of them from the same brand. The glue is relatively inexpensive and can be bought for under $5. You may also want to invest in an eyelash glue remover for when you want to take off the lashes, but this is optional.

Step three: Examine the false eyelashes

Once you’ve bought the necessary materials, remove the false eyelashes from their packaging and hold them up close to your eyelids. Notice if the false lashes are longer than your lids. You can tell if this is true if the false eyelashes extend way beyond the natural contour of the outer corner of your eye, or if one edge starts to poke your eye. If this is the case, take a pair of trimming scissors and cut a small section of the false lashes starting at the outer edge. Do not trim the side of the lashes closest to your nose or else this will create an uneven look! Only trim at the outer edge closest to the side of your face.

 Cut on the outer edge if the lash is too long


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