How slow cooking can save you money


In these economic times, it is vital to be able to save money where you are able to. Many people consider slow cooking to be a very posh and expensive way of feeding yourself, your friends and your family, but actually best crock pots saves you money in many ways. See my complete money saving tips while eating healthy homemade meals:

1. Buy  the expensive meats

No need to waste your money on expensive meat cuts when you have a slow cooker. Instead, buy tougher and cheaper cuts of meat that will soften and tenderize over the long hours. Want to give it a shot? Check this easy to cook recipes Rancher’s Roast Beef, Honey Barbeque Brisket, or Salsa Chicken Thighs.

Credit: – Salsa Chicken Thighs

2. cook bulk to save time and money

Bulk is always best, so keep an eye for supermarket sales and deals. Cooking your favorite meals with cheap ingredients from a sale in the your slow cooker in bulk, eat stomach full and freeze the excess, and enjoy the best food with no effort in the future after a hard day.

3. Stick to your shopping list

Before you go shopping, plan out every one of your meals, and only buy the ingredients that you actually need. That means you won’t be tempted to buy things you don’t need, you won’t have ingredients rotting in the fridge, and you slow cook only what you planned to eat.

4. Save time and effort

Who wants to slog at work, and then return home to a cold, empty kitchen? No one – but if you have a slow cooker, you don’t have to. Turn it on as you leave in the morning, and spend the day looking forward to your home cooked meal without you losing any time.

5. Use less electricity

Believe it or not, energy efficient slow cookers use less energy than your stove or oven, but still give you the best tasting meals. Watch your monthly bills drop and think of all the things that you can now do as you save money without skimping on delicious food. See this residential energy usage charge from Public Service of New Hampshire.

6. Forgot about that Chinese take-aways

The siren song of take-out can be strong, but knowing that your dinner is already taken care of will stop you from being distracted on your way home. Instead, you can concentrate on getting home to your warm house and delectable supper, and save those pennies.

7. Less dishes to clean and few times to dish washer usage

Nobody enjoys washing up after a meal, especially if you just want to sit and digest every scrap that you’ve consumed. But as most slow cooking dishes are one-pot meals, you’ll be saving yourself not only time, but water, soap, and electricity.


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