How Much Power Do You Need From Portable Gas Generators


The advancement of technology in the past decade opened the door for everyone to make electricity a necessity. But everybody knows not most of the times electricity is present; there are always time when a locality experiences power surges or blackouts. When this time happens and you really need electricity, the best option you have is to secure or choose from portable gas generators which give out enough current to power up your appliances or electricity-operated gadget. But how much power do you need from a gas generator?
There are portable gas generators that have lower wattages. Such are just good for a home that does not have many electric appliances.
If you have a refrigerator and a TV at home and are planning to buy a generator, you should not go below 4000 watts; this is enough to power up your refrigerator, a TV, and few lights at night. However, if you have more appliances than these, then you should choose generator sets with higher wattages.
Here are two of the examples of an average portable gas generator set;

ETQ TG72K12 Gas-Powered Portable Generator
This 13-horsepower ETQ generator offers 8,250 watts maximum power, enough to power up 2 fridges, 2 TVs, an air conditioner and a few lights. It is enough for a medium-sized home with appliances needing higher electric current.
Here are some of its notable features:
8250 maximum watts, 7250 running watts – this is enough to make your home brighter at night and keep you chilled with your air conditioner. You can use a fridge, air conditioner, microwave oven, TV, and stereo simultaneously.

it only consumes 6.42 galloons of fuel for 10.5 hours of continuous usage. Should the power interruption lasts 8 hours, this portable generator will become your best friend.
4-stroke, 13 horsepower engine – like most of its kind, its engine is air-cooled, with overhead valve (OHV). It also has an electric start, so you can assure it’s hassle-free.
Low Oil Shut Down – it means that when the engine detects that the oil is low, it will automatically shut down to protect the engine.
Its noise is reduced to 70 decibel or less. Putting this in a place where sound is blocked would also be a great idea to lessen the noise.

Honeywell HW6200 Portable Gas Generator
Its introductory price was set more than $1000, but now, it offered $700 in Amazon. This is one of the best options you can have. Here are some of its features;
7750 maximum watts, 6200 running watts – just about 1 kilowatt lower than the other one. This is still enough to power up a medium-sized home.
4-stroke, 389cc OHV engine – it is slower to consume fuel but produces power almost like the one previously mentioned.
It can run up to 8 hours of continuous usage at 50% load. Best used at night time when appliance usage is minimized.
Multiple outlets with Amps and volts selector.

It is easier to know or, at least, estimate how much power you need during blackouts; you just have to know how many electric appliances you have at home as well as the lights you are going to use. If you do, then you are ready to choose what type or how power the kind of portable gas generator you would want to buy.


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