How does Chemex Coffee Maker work


Chemex coffee maker   is a combination of a slightly modified  Erlenmeyer flask and glass funnels. It was designed in 1941 by Germany born American chemist Peter J. Schlumbohm.

The design of the Chemex coffee maker  is simple, elegant and functional. It becomes something of a design icon  that is seen in permanent collections of several museums, including Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Chemex coffee maker produces excellent coffee: clear, full of aromatic with no  bitterness and no sludge. This is similar to what you get in the French press, but there is no sediment.  The main reason the Chemex coffee maker produces  such a great coffee is the specially designed Chemex coffee filters.

Chemex Coffee Maker work

How does the Chemex coffee maker work? It is quite simple.

Just insert complement at the top, put the ground    the filter and pour hot water over it.

Chemex coffee maker comes in different styles. Classical models are very popular with a wooden collar, and tie made of leather. Wooden collar is used as a handle, and it insulates  the fingers  from the hot glass when you pour the coffee. Glass handle models  have  an elegant glass handle. There is no wood or leather.

Hand-blown models like the classic models, but they are blown by hand in Germany. The hand-blown Chemex coffee makers are more stable and  aesthetic.  They have a very light shade of green that gives you a feeling of excellent quality.

Chemex coffee makers  are available in various sizes from 3 to 13 cups.

The advantages of Chemex coffee maker:

The taste of the coffee  produces  is difficult to be like someone just Chemex coffee.

You have full control over the brewing temperature. Most automatic drip coffee makers brew coffee is too low. Chemex has  the optimal water temperature.

Aesthetics: functional minimalist design is simply beautiful.

It is very easy to make coffee in it.  You do not need any electricity, as long as you have hot water you can brew coffee.

The Chemex  coffee  filter is  very good  in not allowing any sludge into your coffee.

Easy to  clean just  wash it with warm water.


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