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Taking a look at household water filter reviews will help you make an informed buying decision when you are about to buy a water filtration system.

There are many such systems on the market. Some of the most popular are reverse osmosis, ion exchange, distillation, ultra violet radiation, charcoal activated, and ultra-filtration. By looking at the pros and cons you will be better educated about which device is most suitable to “treating” your tap water.

Reverse Osmosis Filtration Systems


==> Can remove a wide range of drinking water contaminants because of the fine pore structure of the filtering membranes.

==> Some reverse osmosis systems have activated carbon filters in them. This increases the capacity of reverse osmosis filters to remove synthetic chemicals from your tap water.

==> Systems require no electricity for use.


* Wastes more water than it cleans. Typical systems waste two gallons of water for every one gallon produced because of the water pressure required to force the water through the membrane.

* Systems are not easy to maintain.

* Systems will not adequately handle bacteria and viruses.

* Unless used in conjunction a carbon filter, ro filters won’t adequately remove synthetic chemicals from your drinking water.

reverse osmosis water filtration unit

Ion Exchange Filters


==> Will effectively remove dissolved inorganic materials

==> These system are moderately priced when compared to other filtering technologies.

==> This technology is regenerable.

==> The pH balance of water is restored to alkaline, making the water healthier for drinking.

This under counter water filter and counter top filtration unit unit both use ion exchange.


* These systems can generate bacteria growth through the resin.

* The systems have high operating costs over the life of its use.

* These system will not effectively remove bacteria or other particles.

Water Distillers


==> Water distillers will typically remove the widest range of toxins and contaminants.

==> These systems are reusable and are not costly to maintain.


* Water distillation units take up counter space.

* These systems require a lot of energy to use, therefore users should expect utility bills to go up.

* Theses system require careful maintenance to ensure the purity of the water.

* The distillation process is not very good at removing organic chemicals, since such chemicals normally vaporize at a lower temperature than water does and are transferred in the steam.

Fortunately, many distillation units have carbon filters installed which would allow for the effective removal of organic chemicals.

water distillation unit

Household Water Filter Reviews – Ultraviolet Water Purifiers


==> Ultraviolet water purifiers will greatly sanitize the water, killing the majority of microorganisms in the water.

==> Treat the water instantly; no need for holding tanks or long retention times.

==> Hundreds of gallons can be treated at a low economic cost.


* Unless used with a carbon filter, uv purifiers will not remove micro-organism efficiently.

* Will not remove particles, colloids, or ions.

* Will clutter your kitchen counter top

uv water purifier

Household Water Filter Reviews – Charcoal/Activated Carbon Filters


==> This is a cost effective option for household use. It is easy to install, maintain and has a long filter life.

==> Replacement filters are inexpensive.

==> Activated carbon filters are effective at removing bad odors and tastes, chlorine, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) and trihalomethanes(THMs).

==> These filters have a high capacity.

==> Don’t remove the minerals from the water, minerals which are beneficial to the human body.


* These filters can generate carbon fines and re-contaminate the water.

* Very little effectiveness if any in removing micro-organisms and toxic heavy metals.

activated carbon counter top water filter

Household Water Filter Reviews – Ultra-Filtration System


==> This system will effectively remove most particles, pyrogens, microorganisms, and colloids above their rated size.

==> This system is regenerable.

==> Produces very clean water for the least amount of energy.


==> This system will not effectively remove dissolved inorganic material.

Household Water Filter Reviews – Conclusion

Despite North American households having one of the safest water supplies, the fact is that potentially harmful contaminants still roam within our water supply.

Some of these contaminants or carcinogenic or can affect kidneys and lungs.

Get your tap water tested today and find out which contaminants are most problematic to you. Then based on the information given on this page, choose the filter that can best remove those contaminants.

An easier solution might be to buy a water filter that fits your budget and removes a good cross-section of contaminants from your water supply.

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