Honda Propane Powered Generator Reviews


Choosing a Honda propane powered generator is all about power

For work or for home, you get the power to keep you going when choosing a Honda generator.

Honda gives you power, and the power of choice. For recreation, parties, concerts or trade shows, a Honda propane powered generator gives you reliability and low noise thresholds. The perfect generator for outdoor fun. For your home, trust Honda to keep the lights and the refrigerator running for as long as you need it. In the field and in construction or rental business, leading trade magazines have consistently nominated Honda as “most preferred” out of all brands of generators.

The name Honda itself is synonymous with reliability. Honda generators give you dependable starts every time. Superior technology and cutting edge research means increased fuel efficiency. That means longer run times on less fuel, whether it is gasoline, diesel or propane. Honda generators are easy to live with, with ultra quiet 4-stroke engines. Portability is another Honda hallmark; easy transport with lightweight models that you carry to models with kits to add wheels so you can roll with power when ever you need it.

Honda engineers employ superior mechanical technology to ensure their generators offer consistent clean power. That translates into fewer interruptions for you, particularly when the gap between a power outage and your generator kicking in is long enough to shut down sensitive electronics and computers. Inverter circuitry handles power spikes and annoying fluctuations to minimize or even prevent down time.

Of the four main series of Honda generators, how do you choose which is right for you? Your local Honda dealer will discuss your needs with you taking into account your power requirements, application and even your budget. Inverter generators, lightweight compact, economy and premium for heavy duty applications – Honda has them all.

Safety is of prime concern, so Honda has published a six page safety brochure just for new Honda propane powered generator owners. It discusses how to safely power up your generator and how to quickly shut it down in the event of an emergency. It will review steps to take so that your connections are properly made, your voltage is correct and provides important information about operating your generator outside. Because a generator delivers electricity, it’s important to review the information on how to avoid an electric shock.

Honda has a remarkable reputation for reliability, from automobiles to lawnmowers, rototillers, snow blowers, motorcycles and more. When you choose a Honda generator, you’ve got all the power you need.

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