Honda Portable Generator Reviews


Honda portable generators have certainly made a name in the industry and they offer a wide selection of units.

For smaller applications and uses like camping, portable generators like the Honda EU1000iA will deliver 1000 W of power. This is going to be suitable for running things like lights, fans small televisions or DVD players. It will provide the convenience of power at a remote location and at only around 30 pounds it is still fairly easy to move around.

That may not be enough power for the applications that some people want to run in a remote location and if that is the case there are a number of other similar Honda portable generator makes that will fit the bill.

More Energy from Portable Honda Gas Generator

To go up a little bit in power, the Honda EU2000iA will deliver 2000 W of power so it will be possible to use a few small appliances at the same time, like portable fridges, food warmers and coolers, electric camping grills, and etc. It also works better for appliances that generate heat as they will put an additional strain on the Honda gas generator in terms of power requirements.

EU gas Honda portable generator comes in so many incremental power steps and this is part of what makes this line-up so successful. The EU2000iA is available both in the familiar Honda red color and in camouflage design as well.

Dual Use and Parallel Application of Honda EU2000iA Portable Generator

One of the things that is particularly attractive about the EU2000iA Honda gas generator as a portable power source is that they can be used in parallel. This is done by virtue of a 30 amp outlet. This way, you can make it much easier to carry the two units separately and get the advantage of having more wattage available when it is required.

It will cost about $1200 to get a Honda EU2000iA generator, suffered twice that amount you can have two Honda portable generators and a system that will provide flexibility and portability.

Cheaper Options – Buying Budget Honda Generators

To get a similar amount of power when EU2000iA is doubled, for about $1700, it is possible to purchase a single unit Honda power generator.

Honda EG 3500XK1A will deliver 3500 W of power. While it is still mobile, it is not as easy to transport as the Honda EU series, but it represents an excellent value.

This model includes options like a voltage selector switch, electronic ignition and the strong steel to frame to protect the unit. Without the fuel it weighs about 118 pounds so it is not something that will be easy to move around too frequently.

Need A lot of Power for Industrial Use? Try Honda Powermate PM0497000

For big power needs with a Honda engine, there is the Powermate PM0497000. It’s not that portable, but it can be wheeled around like a wheelbarrow and weighs in at about 180 pounds.

This is a Honda power generator that is going to have enough juice to run a small household in emergency situations with a rating at about 7000 W of continuous power. Everything in between is available with this Honda gas generators line-up.

Alternative Option – Honda Diesel Generator

It is also possible to locate Honda power generators that run on diesel fuel. If it is a Honda diesel generator that is going to be used fairly frequently, this might be a better option as a diesel motor will last longer than a gasoline over in most cases. Diesel engines do not run as hot and they also produce a large amount of power for the displacement.

It can be a little bit difficult to find Honda diesel generators, so if you’re looking for one, try to locate something like a Honda EB12D. This is definitely pushing the limits in terms of including this in the line of Honda portable generator, but it has an ample amount of power. It runs added 12,000 W maximum output so it is going to match just about any application.

Additional features like a liquid cooled engine are included. It also has indicators for high temperature and oil levels and these can potentially prolong the life of the machine. Honda EB12D diesel generator also has 125 old and 250 volt receptacles so it is extremely versatile. It may also be possible to find a Honda diesel models in smaller sizes, but many of the ones available will be used Honda generators and therefore won’t have a warranty included.


Generally, Honda has an excellent name in portable power generators and it makes sense to get a unit that its reliability can be trusted. Some of the best things about Honda portable generators are that they run quiet and they have a reputation for lasting performance.

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