Honda EX4500 Generator


 The super quiet Honda EX4500 generator results are in and this Honda generator is a hit with the trial team, although the technology is a bit outdated. The Honda EX4500 is large enough to power your house if the power goes out, but is really designed for a commercial application, and features a totally enclosed commercial grade engine. We are aware of homeowners not being thrilled with this model, however, they have complained about pre-owned units and are not using them commercially.

   The Honda EX4500 will run as low as 61dB, which is quiet, but you still wouldn’t want sleep with it outside your camper. It also comes with a wheel kit, but the wheels are quite small and at nearly 270 lbs, this unit is not a good portable solution for most. It does feature an automatic voltage regulator and a key start which is nice. In addition, this Honda model has a fuel gauge and an automatic idle allowing for greater fuel efficiency. One tank of gas can be expected to run the EX4500 for 7 to over 11 hours depending on the load being drawn.

   If you have a work garage and are looking for a heavy duty source of power, this generator provides a great option. If you are looking for a generator to take camping, you are overbuying, and the Honda EU series provides a better option.

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