Honda EU7000is generator


If you’re looking for one of the best Honda generators for sale, you might do well with the Honda eu7000i, new or used. Reviews of this generator and other related products, as well as their price are found in abundance on the Internet.

This generator is described on one sale site, it has a constant load capacity of 5500W and peak load of 7000W (125V or 250V) and being lightweight with inverter technology. New or used, this generator’s primary value is related to its quiet operation, the EU7000iS produces a noise level of only 60dBA. It only weighs 51.31 lbs.

Let’s take a look at what a few owners of the Honda EU7000is generators and whether you should purchase them when they’re for sale.

The first said she saw this used Honda generator EU7000is for sale and is still happy that she bought it and at the right price. She and her family were going to vacation at a national park and rules there required quiet low watt generators.

It worked excellently every minute, she said, and only used one third of the fuel they brought for it. Then, when three hurricanes hit their home area, the used Honda EU7000is powered both their lighting as well as their refrigerator. The only drawback was that it could power the air conditioning or the refrigerator, but not both along with the home lighting.

Still, she said this generator was one she could highly recommend. She gave it a rating of five out of five, the highest.

All in all, 40 different owners of the Honda EU7000is generator used it and reviewed it and gave it an overall high rating of 4.5 out of five.

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