Honda EU2000i Generator


There are several generators on the market that have proven to be popular with many different buyers, who come from a variety of walks of life. Some need generators for work, while others need them for recreation. No matter why you need a generator, the Honda EU2000 is one that you should be setting your eyes on. The Honda EU2000 has proven to be one of the most popular generators ever designed by Honda. One of the main reasons for this is that the generator features an engine that helps the generator fall within strict emission regulation limits. The user-friendly and clean-running EU2000 will help keep harmful emissions from going into the atmosphere, and it will prove to be a much appreciated part of your RV, garage, or emergency planning scenario.

One of the more innovative aspects of the generator is the fact that it uses a computer to help ensure that it operates at peak efficiency. It is possible to take two EU2000 generators, link them together and allow them to operate together to duplicate the energy that is created from a larger generator. In addition to its high-end electrical components, that allow it to do things you would have never thought a generator could, it also has a very lightweight design. This design means it is easy to move and when you are using it on the job or at the campsite, that is very important. Speaking of having it at the campsite, it also features a quiet design so you won’t disturb other campers or the peace and quiet of nature.

With the eco-throttle, you can easily adjust the RPMs to help lower your fuel consumption and if you overload it, the generator’s AC and DC circuit breakers will protect against overloads. You can also have it running on with both AC and DC at the very same time. In regards to maintenance, the fuel tank ensures it runs for a long period of time, the oil alert signal will tell you when the oil level is low and it will shut off the generator if the level gets too low, and the air cleaner is a large capacity one, meaning less maintenance on your end.

All in all, this is one great generator that is going to be a welcome addition to any garage, RV, or cabin.

EU2000i Generator features

  • Quite Lightweight – 49lbs
  • Very Quiet rated: 54-59 dBA
  • Eco Throttle saves fuel
  • Up to 9.6 Hours on one tank (1 Gal)

Some of the most popular uses for the EU2000i

  • Camping
  • Race Tracks
  • Small A/C Units
  • Parallel Operation
  • DC Battery Charging
  • Tailgating

Accessories for the Eu2000:

  • Storage cover: The Honda storage cover for the EU2000i protects it from the elements. Available in Silver, Camoflauge, and Blue.
  • DC Charging Cables: Plug right into the panel and DC ready to charge your battery
  • Parallel Cables: Allow you to connect two EU2000’s for twice the power – use only as directed

EU2000 Owners Manual

Owner Review


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