Honda EU2000i Generator review


The need for portable power

Honda portable generators can really save you in a pinch. It’s no secret if you live in areas where power interruption occurs that you need to have a backup supply. If you are snowed in this winter and a power pole is out, you could simply unload the ‘fridge and put it all in the snow. Or you could just start up your little Honda EU2000i generator.

Of all the Honda portable generators, this one is the smallest, and can power the refrigerator, television, and cell phone charger all at once. With some clever timing, you can live indefinitely on the Honda as long as you have gas on hand. You won’t be stuck in a blackout again and keeping your hands warm over a candle.

The diminutive but powerful EU2000i is a must for the casual weekend camper, and will keep a light, radio boombox, and your mini-fridge running. Never be left without basic comforts again.

The Honda EU2000i difference

If you are looking at this Honda generator review, then you have decided you want some backup power. This is the best Honda generator for combining efficiency, performance, quietness, and compactness all in one 47 pound package. It is easy to move and set up, so if time is an issue, this generator is just what the doctor ordered.

If you are concerned about noise, you should know that humans –in normal conversation mode—usually speak at around 75 decibels. The Honda EU2000i operates at around 55 dba, which means it is ideal if you need it to run quietly. If you use it with an extension cord, you’ll probably forget its running and it will use all the fuel.

If you need to run a microwave oven, coffee pot, or even a small window A/C unit, this is the best Honda generator for light duty applications. This helpful piece of equipment makes an emergency less uncomfortable, and it can add fun to your camping trip. If you want to enjoy a wireless weekend, then this may help you see it through.

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A word about electrical and engine fuel

You can expect the Honda EU2000i to run anywhere from 5 hours to nearly ten, depending on how many consumers you are using at once. You have a one gallon gas tank, so if all you have is a light running, it will go all night. As long as you have 5 gallons of gas, you can expect to live for up to 3 days with power if you plan accordingly. The Honda is the ideal companion for a weekend in the hills, or a night without your electric company.

By using inverter technology, Honda has created a source of “clean” electricity that won’t damage sensitive electronics, such as your smart phone or computer. The EU2000i safely refines all the energy it consumes so that it is just as safe to use as your wall outlets at home. There are no annoying surges to suck the juice out of your internet session or make your DVD player shut off.

In all, this is one of the best Honda portable generators the home owner can have. If you are looking for a unit that will light up and electrify a prison complex, then this one is not the generator for you. But if you are someone who likes to go camping or needs an emergency power source, the Honda has what you need. Never be caught without the basic needs, whatever they may be. Since it weighs less than many house pets, just grab it and go.

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