Honda EU1000i Review


You are looking at the first “inverter” generator ever made. When Honda came out with the EU1000i, they made both the EX1000 and the EX650 obsolete. At under thirty pounds, it is lighter and more powerful than the EX650 and lighter and much quieter than the old EX1000. The inverter design allows Honda to replace traditional brushes with a small and lightweight microchip. This chip “inverts” every other cycle of the DC power generated by the engine – making it into a very clean AC power supply. The other advantage to this chip over brushes is that it is cheaper to mass produce and of course cheaper to ship at such a lighter weight.

The Honda EU1000i is a very portable generator and is ideal when you only need a smaller amount of power and you want to bring it to a remote place. It is much easier for the average person to carry the Honda EU1000i than the Honda EU2000i, and it takes up less space. The Honda EU1000i can be found anywhere from running computers in Antarctica to running a blender at a Jimmy Buffet concert in Arizona to running an ice fisherman’s heater in Alberta.

Some of the EU1000i features

  • Lightweight – Only 29lbs Dry Weight
  • Extremely easy to pull start
  • Ultra Quiet rated: 53-59 dBA
  • Eco Throttle uses fuel as needed
  • Runs up to 8.3 Hours one one tank

Some of the most popular uses for the EU1000i

  • Camping
  • Lighting
  • Fans
  • Television
  • Battery Charging
  • Tailgating

Accessories for the Eu1000:

  • Storage cover: The Honda storage cover for the EU1000i protects it from the elements. Available in Silver, Camoflauge, and Blue.
  • DC Charging Cables: Plug right into the panel and DC ready to charge your battery
  • Parallel Cables: Allow you to connect two EU1000’s for twice the power – use only as directed

Owners Manual

Official EU1000i Specs


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