Honda EM4000 Generator Replacement Parts For a Longer Life


The long lasting em4000 generator with the quality Honda name can last you even longer with a purchase of a few inexpensive parts, at very reasonable prices, purchased from an online vendor or auction site, as they wear out on your generator.

Let’s take a look at the parts for sale online by merchants on a major auction site that are related to this Honda em4000 generator.

A buy it now price of $299 on a major auction site will get you a quality used armature assembly, standard Honda em4000 stock, which was actually removed from another generator. It works with models AQM1640 and M40. You can even get a better sale price perhaps by choosing to make a bid on this assembly.

If you need an engine panel for any Honda generator EM4000 generators, you can get a red panel, that has no dents or dings or scratches, is in good shape, with a buy it now sale price of $39.99. Again, you can buy and hope to pay a lesser price as well.

Also in good shape at the same sale price of $39.99 from the same auction vendor is a louvered cover, round, stock for em4000 Honda generators. It covers housing for the generator armature, and is in good shape without any dent, scratch or ding on it.

A red fan shroud cover for these same Honda em4000 generators has a sale price at the same auction site of $39.99. While this is used, it is in good shape. This red generator part hasn’t a scratch, or ding or dent on it anywhere.

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