Honda 2000i Generator Review


Whether you need it for home, RV or camping, a Honda 2000i generator might be your best bet. Honda has made a name for itself for decades with its top selling automobiles and motorcycles. But in 1973 it added generators to its line of power equipment and the company produces over 1.5 million each year.

The 2000i series is a great little portable generator that still packs a lot of power. The EU 2000 iA has 2000 watts of Honda inverter 120V AC power. It is perfect for powering you microwave, refrigerator and small air conditioning units. It is super quiet to operate and can run up to 15 hours on just one gallon of gas.

The 2000iA Camo makes it perfect for outdoor camping and hunting excursions with its camouflage exterior. It is lightweight – less than 47 pounds- and can also run up to 15 hours on one gallon of gas. You can pair it up with another EU 2000i to increase your power level.

And the EU 2000iA Companion is specifically built to be able to work in parallel with another EU 2000i generator. It is also good for use in powering small appliances and even computers and is perfect for use in RVs.

All of the Honda generators are ultra quiet to use with 53 to 59 dB(A). The three types that make up the 2000i series are all less than 50 pounds making them lightweight and portable.

Honda’s products are fuel efficient with the 2000i series running up to 15 hours on just one tank of fuel. They are all covered by Oil Alert, a warning system that will shut the generator down if it becomes too hot because of a lack of oil.

The company equips all of its generators with USDA qualified spark arrestors to cut the risk of fires during operation. All Honda generators come with a 3 year commercial and residential warranty.

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