Info on Homeland Security Cameras


If you’re looking for a system rather than just getting a camera or two, Homeland Security manufactures a number of different security cameras packaged along with a monitor as an “observation system.” This can be a lot better for those of us who aren’t as computer-inclined. Many cameras are set up so that you can run them off a personal computer – but that can also be a little complicated, and it requires that you dedicate your PC monitor to it whenever you want to use the security system. Homeland Security’s packages allow you to get it all at once. There are several different versions, and mainly they just vary the number of cameras that run on the system (2 or 4 security cameras are the standards).

The Homeland Security Observation system packages come with either a version with 2 cameras or a version with 4 security cameras along with a black and white monitor that can cycle through the cameras. It is a complete system, which is a big plus. Many of the other security cameras on the market don’t come with a monitor or don’t come in a package. It can be a little frustrating not to get a fully functional system when you order online, and you’ll avoid that here. These are medium-end systems – they aren’t the highest quality on the market, but they aren’t the most expensive either. It will run you about $150 for the 2-camera version and $250 for the 4-camera set. People seem generally satisfied with them – reporting good quality images. You should watch out for electrical interference from other appliances, but that is par for the course with most security cameras anyway and there is nothing uniquely bad reported for this brand. You can use them in fairly dim light (streetlights are sufficient if you’re using them outdoors) and still get a good picture.


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