Home Workout Bench – Set up Your Home Gym


If you are not currently engaging in an exercise routine, buying a gym membership and subsequently garnering the motivation to actually visit it three to four times a week can be a real hindrance to your plans to improve your body.  If you have let yourself get a little out of shape, it can be embarrassing (at least to some people) to make that first step.  A home workout bench can really help here – if you are able to build up a good base level of fitness, progressing onto other exercise will not be as daunting.

That’s not to say that gym benches for your home are just for the beginner; for the more seasoned lifter, they are a really convenient way to ensure you don’t miss any workout sessions, even when your busy schedule is conspiring against you.It may be tempting to purchase the first great-looking bench you see.  However, it is really important to choose a bench that has the features you need.

workout bench

Firstly, the frame of the workout bench is very important.  It needs to be strong enough to hold the weight of a person, who’s holding weights and moving around significantly.  As well at this it needs to be stable and not shift at all whilst in use – this is really of primary importance because it will help to ensure your safety whilst lifting.

You should also look at the width of the bench.  A thinner bench will usually more suitable for dumbbells, which you may use in a whole range of different motions depending on the muscles you are targeting in different workout sessions.  A broader bench can be useful for heavier barbell work, which will require stable support of your body.

If you are on a budget a “utility bench” is the usually the most basic type you can buy.  However, it is more than suitable for your first purchase toward creating your home gym.  The utility bench is really just a strong frame with a cushioned pad to rest your body.

If you do have a little extra in your budget, consider investing a little more.  For example, a golds gym bench can be a worthwhile investment.  Different models of this include various extras, such as pulleys, which can be very useful for directly targeting shoulders, triceps, etc.  So for the extra money, a golds gym bench can help you to more quickly and efficiently work different parts of your body.


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