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A home water filter cartridge may be small in size but it is the “engine” that drives your drinking water purifier.

Cartridges will have varying functions depending on the kind of water treatment device used, but typically, cartridges are designed to do the following:

1) Remove bad taste from your tap water. Charcoal or Granular activated carbon filters (gac) are used extensively for this purpose.

2) Removing Micro-organisms. The presence of bacteria and parasites in tap water. Ceramic cartridges are examples of filtering devices used for this type of contamination removal.

3) Sediment Removal. Even the most basic drinking water purification cartridge should be able to remove sediment.

Ensuring that your filter cartridge is clean and thus working optimally, is essential to maintaining the quality of your drinking water.

An unclean filtration cartridge accumulates bacteria and dirt, causing the cartridge to stop filtering altogether or causing the bacteria to seep into your tap water and contaminating it. Ingesting water containing bacteria and parasites could cause gastrointestinal problems.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you follow the instructions of your filter manual with regards to the maintenance of the system. You will be required to discard the old cartridge periodically and get a replacement.

If by chance you are using a Brita home water treatment system, Brita will recycle old cartridges and thus keep sales cost attractive for you and other consumers.

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