Hobart 500491 Champion Used Welder Generator


The majority of consumers who operate a used welder generator are always right. If a product serves their purpose well, they will have no inhibitions in telling others about the features of the product, and will strongly recommend buying it. This is what is happening in the case of the Hobart 500491 Champion 4500 AC Generator/AC Welder. Statistics of sales prove that when people think of portable ac generators, this is their first choice.

You see whenever you have work for repairing and maintenance of a plant or machinery, involving welding operations, the ideal thing is to have an AC Genset handy and movable by your side. Instead of moving the giant machines to get repaired with welding work, this is the easy solution to move the welding equipment nearer to it, and position it conveniently to carry out your welding jobs, even in intricate parts.

This used welder generator comes with 10 ft. of work cable, with a clamp and 10 foot electrode holder with welding lead. So you can position the Genset in closer proximity to the weld-spot. Because this is rugged and yet light-weight (just 190 pounds) equipment, carrying it in a wheel-trolley will be very easy.

This compact welder-generator has features most suited for welding purposes namely – Intek Engine of 10 HP made by Briggs & Stratton capacity at 3600 rpm, up to 140 amps welding power, 4500 watts generator power for surge and then 4000 watts continuously.

Also it has Receptacles of 2 120 Volt 20 Amp and 2 240 Volt same capacity, with Circuit Breakers provided. With this you can easily carry out welding of 1/4 inch thickness on cast iron, stainless steel and strong steel items.

As the engine has 1 cylinder, 4-cycle, OHV air-cooled arrangement in it, you need not worry about the heating up of this Hobart 500491 Champion 4500 AC used welder generator. For all of your welding needs and other AC current needs make sure to get a genset that you can trust and rely on.

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