Hitachi Saws


Hitachi has a more limited line up of tools compared to some of the other manufacturers, such as Grizzly, but the products they do offer are high quality. For tough masonry jobs, Hitachi has the CM4SB2, a 4″ dry-cut masonry saw. The CM4SB2 comes with a hefty 11.6 amp motor that produces a high 11,500 RPM for the greatest possible cutting efficiency through even the toughest materials. The CM4SB2 is also relatively quiet for its size and power, producing a lower than typical 85 dB of noise.


In the table saw arena, Hitachi has its C10RB 10″ Professional Grade Portable Jobsite saw to offer. The C10RB has a strong 15 amp direct drive motor that produces about 4000 RPM for even the toughest of ripping applications. The oversized aluminum table top provides plenty of workspace, and the self-aligning rip fence makes cutting jobs fairly easy. The C10RB also comes equipped with a 36 tooth carbide tipped blade for the highest in cutting efficiency.

Hitachi also has a line of jigsaws, including the award winning CJ110MV variable speed jig saw. The CJ110MV comes with a 5.8 amp motor that has enough strength to power through even the toughest materials without too much strain. The jigsaw also features a powerful dust blower to keep the work area clear. The CJ110MV also has a variable speed trigger with a lock-on feature that prevents the user getting numb fingers after holding the trigger too long.

Hitachi’s CB75F is their only cabinet band saw offering. The CB75F has a 45 degree tilt capability, allowing for most angled cuts. The CB75F also has a hand brake to deliver extra safety for the user, as well as a rack and pinion fence that adjusts easily.


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