High Voltage Rubber Gloves


Electricity is very dangerous and so when working with anything electrical we should use high voltage rubber gloves. Electrical gloves are manufactured to keep an electrician from accidentally touching electrically charged systems while working with them. The fact is that one can get shocked fairly easily if they are not careful, and even when they are careful things can happen. Even with everything turned off electricity can be quite predictable. High voltage rubber gloves are the specialized kind of gloves you need especially for this purpose.

There are also times when an electrician needs to work on a charged system to do their job correctly. In these occasions, not using the right kind of gloves is not excusable. Never trust an electrician who you see has no gloves! Having the right kind of protective gloves is a lifesaver in this instance. Gloves need to be manufactured from excellent quality synthetic or natural rubber, or both. They need to be the right thickness as well, a thickness that complies with standard electrical specifications for the different voltage levels one will encounter.

Many electricians or those who work with high-voltage electricity also use natural latex gloves (100 percent latex). Kevlar work gloves are also often used for electrical situations, but one must make sure they suit the right specifications. One cannot use any Kevlar glove on the market. Kevlar gloves with Thinsulate are a great combination.

Gloves usually are sold with certain specifications in mind that comply with voltage levels. This means that they are categorized in classes of 00 to three. The lowest level is 00 which requires a .05mm thick glove. This is rated for 500 volts. Three is the highest class. It caters for 26,500 volts and therefore has to be a thickness of 2.9mm. The gloves also need to fit over ones sleeves so that the entire length and breadth of the arm is covered adequately. One must make sure that they look after their gloves. The gloves must remain in a perfect condition. The smallest of flaws can have the direst of consequences. Here are some tips to keep gloves healthy:

1. Keep gloves way from moisture. These kinds of gloves are not waterproof, they are electrical proof.

2. Keep away from light. Too much light can perish the gloves.

3. Keep away from sharp objects. If you pack them in a toolbox make sure the screwdrivers aren’t digging into the gloves. Rather put them somewhere else.

4. Latex gloves are actually affected by many different substances, including animal body fat. You must follow the care instructions on your latex gloves very carefully.

You should test your gloves regularly and never take a chance with them. If you suspect the gloves have a flaw then replace them. You’re not looking for the best bicycle gloves or traffic safety gloves here. Of course, using electrical gloves when working on the car is important, if you intend working on the electronics. But you’re looking for high voltage rubber gloves which will protect you from horrible accidents which can happen.


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