High Powered Fat Loss Technique


In all my 16 years long career in the fitness area, as a coach, I have seen and also experimented a lot of exercises for my clients and also for myself. I tried to come up with the best technique, the most efficient exercises to lose weight and stay in shape.

This journey has helped me to take the fat loss techniques to another level and get great results. Over the years, I helped young and old people, men and women, obese or just normal weight people. Actually, I have never partnered with twins. Not till this moment. Because just recently, I met two twin brothers called Angelo and Phil. They have hired me to create some training routines custom made for their needs. They are wrestlers and they need to get rid of all the body fat but, at the same time, improve the muscle condition. Since this is my specialty, I was very pleased to accept the offer.

For starters, I wanted to give them two different exercise routines. But I gave up on that and I gave them the same routine because the goal was the same. Plus, they were also going to train together and a single routine was much easier for them.

I thought that since all the variables are the same, the results will be the same. They eat the same, they have the exact same injury history and they did pretty much the same activities. I was sure I was going to see the same results. The first program I created was to last them a month. After that we were supposed to go to faze two of the program.

But after the first month, when I tested their body fat the results were completely different. Phil lost 9.5 pounds of fat but Angelo only 2. I asked Angelo if he changed his diet and he assured me that it wasn’t the case because both brothers were eating their meals together. Then I wanted to see them in action, practice their routine so that I can see who is doing it correctly and who isn’t. That was when I figured out what had happened. Phil trained with enthusiasm but Angelo was lazy and was doing all the moves at a low intensity and with no focus.

Now, there is no mystery on how Phil managed to lose that body fat and Angelo didn’t. Besides that, Phil was also the better wrestler because he was putting more passion into it.

So, my conclusion is simple. Even if we may have the same genetics, the work ethic is a big component in our workouts. Without enthusiasm we are only mediocre. So I strongly advice you to evaluate the intensity of the workouts you perform and see if you are putting your heart into them. Step up the intensity and work hard to get the best results.


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