High End Water Cooler Dispensers


Water cooler dispensers are a great appliance for the kitchen that provides refreshing chilled and hot water at the touch of a button. And just like any kitchen appliance there are several things that you’re looking for. First and foremost you want it to perform well. Buying a high end water cooler dispenser is a significant investment and you expect to get the best performance from these units. Secondly, you want it to look good. If you’re going to display a water cooler dispenser in your kitchen, it should be able to support the décor and add to the image of your kitchen that you’ve worked hard to create.

High End Water Cooler Dispenser

One of the best high end water cooler dispensers is the Aquaverve Stainless Steel Water Cooler. This water cooler that was featured on ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition offers the luxury of a true high end stainless steel appliance. It has a highly polished stainless steel cabinet and a matching stainless water bottle cover. This cover is an extraordinary feature because it hides the water bottle and maintains the sleek lines of a modern stainless steel appliance. The Aquaverve S2 comes in both a bottled water version as well as a bottleless model that has built in water filtration. If you get the bottled water dispenser version it has an exclusive no spill system which is specially designed to prevent spills while changing water bottles. This means that you’ll never have to worry about getting the floor wet or cleaning up after changing the water bottle ever again. The S2 has both hot and cold water reservoirs that can offer thermostatically controlled cool water providing just the right chill to your water and a hot water on demand so that you can instantly make coffee, tea, hot chocolate or any other hot water drink. The hot water tap has a special child safety feature that offers a protective measure for any accidental hot water dispensing. Another feature that makes this high end water cooler worth the price is that it uses high grade stainless steel reservoirs for storing the hot and cold water. By using stainless steel you avoid the off flavors that plastic reservoirs can inflict and it also keeps the water hygienic for much longer periods of time. The end product is that you get the best tasting water at exactly the right temperature.

The Aquaverve S2 stainless steel water cooler also has an energy star rating that means you can feel good about saving energy and saving the planet. They also offer a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty on the refrigeration system which is the only part that’s likely to breakdown.

If you’re looking for a high end water cooler dispenser that will provide clean, temperature controlled water efficiently and without hassle and if you want it to look like a high end kitchen appliance is supposed to look like, you’ll want to buy the Aquaverve S2 stainless steel water cooler.Click Here to Buy Aquaverve Stainless Steel Water Cooler


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