Hellenbrand Water Softeners


Hard water can cause serious problems with the plumbing system of your house by forming mineral deposits. Now we have a range of water softeners from Hellenbrand to get you out of those problems. Hellenbrand Water Softeners can effectively remove excess minerals from the hard water, while adding the required salt to the water. It gives a boost the performance of other household appliances which use the softened water. They come in the H-100 series, The ProMate series and the WaterMate series.

The H-100 series Hellenbrand Water Softeners are economical as they come in six different sizes to fit your needs. Each of the H-100 series Hellenbrand Water Softeners come with cool features like pre-filling the brine tank with soft water which almost eliminates the problem of salt-bridging. Besides these water softeners come with user-friendly control features like a 12-volt controller which effectively controls the softener while using less than $3 a year. The H-100 series Hellenbrand Water Softeners come with 10-selectable programming options which remain in the memory even in case of power failure.

The ProMate 6.0 in the Hellenbrand Water Softener section is the most advanced water softener among the others in the ProMate series. It uses less salt and less electricity. Thus ProMate 6.0 Hellenbrand Water Softener has reduced chloride discharge. It saves energy up to 30% on gas water heaters and about 22% on electric water heaters. It uses a Vortech distributor which keeps your premium resin clean so that you get a good performance. The digital display and all automated electronic system regulate the water supply on its own. The programs are stored permanently ensuring that no battery back-up is needed. The unit needs less than $2 of electricity per year.

The Hellenbrand Water Softener also has another range of product named the WaterMate series. This series has great features like the one piece solid valve made out of Noryl for long life and the time controlled brine-refilling system for the correct salt proportion ( in WaterMate 1, 2 and 3.2) or full capacity of the available space( in the WaterMate 3 and 3.2). WaterMate 1, 2 and 3 operates at 110 Volt, whereas WaterMate 3.2 operates on 24 Volt. WaterMate 3.2 which is the most advanced water softener in its series has a solid state controller. The regeneration of soft water can be easily adjusted on a WaterMate 3.2. However Hellenbrand has kept the electricity usage of the units to less than $2 a year in all of the products in this series.

Hellenbrand Water Softeners have been known to manufacture energy efficient water softeners. Hellenbrand Water Softeners not only improve the quality of the water that you use, but also the quality of live you live. Soft water lets you have a better shower or keeps your garments as good as new because the soap you use cleans better in soft water. Use of hard water tends to impact the health of babies and cause skin problems to the entire family. But with Hellenbrand Water Softeners all your problems will get alleviated.


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