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Best Boxing Gloves For Training

If you want to see gains in your endurance, speed and strength in the ring then what you train with is as important as how you train. There is a wide array of boxing equipment available that is designed to help you target your training to get results. So hang your baby boxing gloves up everywhere you can think to keep your motivation high and get going.

Ladders on the speed bag

The speed bag is one of the most underused pieces of equipment in a boxing gym. It doesn’t get much use because most people don’t know what to do with it. The first thing you will need is a pair of Winning boxing gloves that are designed for the speed bag. You will notice that these look very much like hand-wraps, the thumb is free and so are the upper ends of the fingers. The padding is also denser.

Best Boxing Gloves For Training

This gives the parts of your hand protection that will need it, but keeps the hand open so you stay cool. Start striking the speed bag with jabs and rolls, but do it in ladders. Strike once with the left and then once with the right. Then strike twice with the left and twice with the right. Keep counting up, but then have a target goal (like reaching 20) and then count back down. Do not take any breaks.

Getting the right type of bag glove

The best boxing gloves for bag work are going to be varied in style and design. That is because a lot of what will determine the glove you need will be the bag and workout you are doing. If you are looking at spending endurance rounds on a heavy bag, then you want a glove that will provide you with solid shock absorption, but that is lighter than your competition glove.

Best Boxing Gloves For Training

Everlast boxing gloves have carved out a niche for themselves in making stellar bag gloves for training. Choose a lighter glove, and even a padded glove wrap if you are working on the speed or resistance bags. You want a glove weight that is greater than your competition glove so you build muscle, endurance and speed. You also want a set that is lighter so you work on speed only in some sessions.

The sparring and competition gloves

If you take a look at the Twins boxing gloves page, you will see that their sparring and competition gloves all have different weights. Pay attention to the weight of your glove. While you get to decide which weight you want to train with, the competition governing body decides what weight you can use in the ring.

There are different glove weight restrictions by gender, and by class. Also, there is a difference between what you are allowed to use in amateur or professional events. Your gym may have their own regulations about the weight of the sparring glove allowed, so make sure you find out before you order your boxing gloves.


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