Heating Pad


Ways to useHeating pads are types of equipment that have been specifically designed to generate radiant heat. Generally, heating pads are used for medicinal purposes such as enhancing the blood flow to an area of the body that has been damaged, or keeping newborns warm. Heating pads are also used by many as a source of comfort during cold weather, in addition to a type of pain management. There are several different types of heating pads that are available for purchase on the market including the basic heating pads that you can just plug in and turn on, and those that have computerized timing systems and temperature sensors.

Medicine usage

There are a variety of uses that heating pads have in the field of medicine. For instance, while animals or humans are in surgery, heating pads may be used to keep the patients warm while they are exposed to the operating rooms’ cool temperatures. These devices can also be used to enhance perfusion, which is the passage of fluid via the blood vessels or lymphatic system to the extremities of the body. Additionally, heating pads are used by veterinarians to provide comfort to animals while they are recovering in holding cages or resting. There are times when a doctor or veterinarian will use a heating pad as an incubator for animals or humans, in order to offer them some form of heat.

General usage

In the home, heating pads are generally use to keep beds warm during the winter months; additionally, high powered versions of these devices can be used to keep the food on the table warm. There are some companies that produce heating pads that are designed specifically for placing over mattresses during the winter so that beds can be kept warm. Massage therapists also used these types of heating pads for the primary purpose of keeping their massage tables comfortable and warm. There are other types of heating pads that can be worn, and many persons use these as a form of home pain management.

Types of heating pads

Electrical heating pads

An electrical heating pad is designed to heat up once it has been plugged into power supply. The heat that is produced by the electrical heating pad can either be fixed or adjusted using a thermostat. As stated before, there is a wide range of heating pads inclusive of electrical, water, chemical and microwaveable.

Flannel heating pads

Normally, those heating pads that are microwaveable are made using flannel fabric in addition to a type of grain like wheat, buckwheat hulls, barley or rice. These particular types of heating pads can be bought at your local department store, and you can make them at home by sewing the fabric together after you have inserted the grain. For this reason, they are considered to be the most convenient types of heating pads. All you will need to do is place the heating bag in the microwave for approximately three minutes, and then it will be ready for use.

Chemical heating pads

On the other hand, the chemical heating pads use substances like sodium acetate that will react when a piece of metal that has been enclosed in the chemical has been pressed. This reaction will start a process of crystallization that will produce heat instantly. These particular types of heating pads can be reused; however, you would first have to boil the pad in some water, and then allow it to regain room temperature. This will cause the liquid to be re-saturated, and gets the pad ready for the crystallization process when the metal piece has been pressed again.

Water heating pads

Over the years, the most popular types of heating pads have been the hot water bottles; however, as a result of the advancement of technology, heating pads have improved in their designs and the quality of heat that they provide.


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