Heated Motorcycle Gloves


Riding your motorcycle does have to be only during the hot summer weather. You can have just as much fun riding on a cold night or in the rain. One of the most important pieces of clothing you will need is heated motorcycle gloves.  

As most of you know, riding in colder weather, or in the rain, isn’t a fun experience when your hands start to hurt. But of course it doesn’t have to be like that. The more heated clothing you wear, the more comfortable you will be and it will definitely make the ride worth it. 

There is heated clothing for bikers ranging from jackets, pants, vests, and of course gloves. More recently heated socks have come to the market and offer another source of comfort. Heated socks combined with heated gloves are, in our opinion, two components that are most vital to keeping you warm. 

Biking all year around makes the most sense. Spending money on insurance for a couple months of a year is a crazy idea. In most cities you can even bike during the winter provided the roads aren’t icy. Another point is that the price of gas is usually lower in the winter time. 

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to buy heated clothing at any store. Some specialty bike shops can order products in but they might cost more than what you’re expecting. The best option is to look on auction sites and Amazon. A good pair of heated socks and gloves combined should cost under $70 for the set. 

heated motorcycle gloves

Now you might have seen pictures of heated clothing with wires coming out of every end. I assure you it’s not as cumbersome as it looks. When you buy any heated clothing they will come with a set of instructions. Usually they require 1 or 2 batteries and you should be good for 6 hours. It might take you 10 minutes the first time you hook everything up, but after that it should only take a couple of minutes. Even 5 minutes of your time is worth 6 hours of warmth, right? 

One thing to look for when buying heated motorcycle clothing is to ensure that it comes with heat controls. If you become too warm or too cold, having those controls available will save you a lot of fooling around. Not to mention, controlling the temperature on a lower setting will help extend the batteries life. This brings me to another point. Buy a good set of rechargeable batteries and you won’t have to worry about buying pack after pack. 

Riding while you’re warm will allow you to stay on the road longer and explore places you’ve never been before. Often while riding, we stick to the paths we know for fear of getting lost while cold. 

Heated motorcycle gloves combined with other heated clothing can be a life saver. The small investment you make on clothing, will give you a much more pleasurable ride and experience.


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