Heated insoles

The pain that you feel in your feet might be as a result of cold. More of the blood is concentrated around your waist so as to protect our most important organs. This leads to the neglect of cold feet. We’ve all had this experience and if we are at home or sitting in an office, we can make our tootsies warm again, simply by falling into a snuggly pair of shoes or wrapped in a blanket.But if you have cold feet when walking around an office building or when doing outdoor work, warming the feet can be almost impossible. An option you should look at is that of wearing heated insoles. These come in various designs to suit all types of shoes and in most cases, the sole is fully heated, not just the toes.

Although each uses batteries to produce heat, some utilize rechargeable as well as wireless batteries. Then there are those that have standard batteries. These are affixed by a strap that is on the ankle.

Who needs heated insoles?

Heated insoles are a popular selection for people who want to stave of the cold from their feet and probably live in consistently cold temperatures. By using these shoes, your feet are hot, which is especially important for those who have poor circulation in the feet and legs. There are a number of different varieties of shoes in the market; some models are for kids as well. Most people prefer to buy shoes with heated insoles, as they may be the most comfortable shoes to walk in.

The variance in quality of shoes also coincides with the price of the shoe. Soles of high quality are especially important if you plan to do a lot of walking while wearing them. Often people who buy these shoes have questions about how the heated insoles work. Like what is the basis for the electrical resistance? Or how do the batteries generate the heat? The heat generated is transferred to the soles, which then warms the feet.

Rechargable batteries

People prefer more those heated insoles which have rechargeable batteries. It does save money that you would otherwise spend on batteries which can be expensive. It is important to remember that temperature affects the life of a battery. Rechargeable models are generally easy to use, often using an adapter that can be plugged to templates to recharge the batteries. Soles typically use a lithium-ion battery, which are safe, waterproof and very small, thin and lightweight.

Adjustable temperature

A quality heated insole will be able to adjust its temperature depending on how cold your feet are. You will be able to gage each foot separately as well. Each heated insoles is separate from another, one foot may be colder or warmer than others. One of the slabs can be used when the other does not. Using this method, the battery is stored and is always a small risk that your feet will be too cold or too hot.

If you decide on using or wearing a heated insole, then you have to alter your shoe size to accommodate it. It might be a little bit tight if you try to wear it with your normal sized shoe. The extra space in the boots creates a layer of warm air that helps keep feet at a stable temperature.

A heated insole is the perfect accessory to have if you have to go out in the cold to participate in your favorite sport or activity; like fishing, skating and hunting. They are made in such a way that the lower part of your body will be kept warm.


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