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When your hands are cold it is hard to work, and if you are walking, biking, skiing, skating or doing some other outside activity in the cold weather, cold hands are uncomfortable and could even result in frostbite. So why not invest in a pair of heated gloves.

You could keep your hands in your pockets, but that is impractical because you need them to guide your bike, hold your ski poles or do your outside work. You could wear several layers of gloves, but that is bulky and makes it difficult to work with your hands. Insulated gloves will keep your hands warm for a while, but after spending some time outside your hands will still get cold, and after that happens the insulation will serve to keep the cold in.

The best solution for cold hands is a good quality pair of heated gloves. They will keep you comfortable for hours, so you won’t have to limit the amount of time you spend out of doors in the cold weather. Heated gloves come in sizes ranging from small to extra extra large that fit hands with circumferences from 7 inches to 12 inches, so you are sure to find a size that will fit your hands.

Don’t just look for the cheapest heated gloves though – look for the best value when you buy heated gloves. There is quite a difference in the price and quality of heated gloves, and you should weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the different styles before deciding which ones to purchase.

There are many options available for heated gloves, and you can find simple basic styles powered by double “D” battery packs to gloves that use microprocessor packs as their sources of heat – with a wide range of choices in between.

Battery operated heated gloves have a resistance wire sandwiched between the layers of the gloves with electric current supplied by a battery running through it to a heating element. Some brands of heated gloves have rechargeable batteries, and some batteries allow you to control the temperature of the gloves.

It may take about four hours to fully charge a battery, and it should give you about 5 hours of warmth if you don’t use the highest temperature the entire time. You can turn the controls to high for a few minutes, and when your hands get warm, lower the temperature until your hands begin to cool. By adjusting the temperature as you need it, you will lengthen the time between battery charges. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when you recharge the batteries to get the maximum use from them.

The better brands of heated gloves will use up to 6 strands of stainless steel wires that are flexible and stretchable to prevent breakage. Some brands feature a new Microwire technology with hundreds of tiny heating elements in a Teflon coated wire ribbon running along the fingers and back of the heated gloves. It provides more uniform heat for your hands much faster than other styles of gloves. Some heated gloves use traces of polyurethane coated silver-based ink as a warming element to distribute a warm current through the gloves. A lightweight Lithium-Ion battery provides the power for these heated gloves. You can find gloves that use soft carbon microfiber bundles to provide warmth with invisible heating elements, and you won’t feel any wires in these heated gloves.

Some brands have adjustable controls and allow you to easily turn off or lower the warmth when you are exercising and turn it back on when you begin to chill. You can even remove the battery and control to use the gloves without heat when you don’t need it.

If you dislike wearing batteries on your wrists or the back of your hands, you can find heated gloves that use a lanyard power system that you put in a jacket pocket. By pressing a button on a controller on your chest, you can adjust the temperature to one of three heat levels for both hands at once.

If air conditioning causes cold hands while you work at your computer, you can buy heated gloves that plug into the USB port on the computer. You can get them without fingertips so you can type, use a calculator, dial a phone and even write comfortably.

If you need heated gloves to use when you ride a motorcycle, snowmobile or ATV, you can get gloves that plug in to the vehicle’s 12-volt electrical system and keep riding longer without the danger of getting frostbitten fingers.

When you want to use heated gloves for hunting expeditions, you can purchase gloves with a lining that eliminates scents so your prey will be unaware of your presence.

Many people must work outside in the wintertime, and the cold weather forces them to limit the amount of time that they can stay out in the cold before finding a heated place to warm their hands. They typically work for a while, get into their vehicles and run the heaters until they warm up, and then start the process over. Farmers must milk the cows every day, utility workers must restore electricity after an ice storm pulls power lines down, and construction workers cannot choose the type of weather they work in. They are usually committed to complete a job within a certain time frame and must keep working even in cold weather. When these workers have a good pair of heated gloves, they can remain outside for longer stretches of time and work more efficiently because their fingers do not feel frozen and stiff. They will get the job finished faster when they do not have to be concerned about cold or frostbitten hands.

Some people suffer from physical conditions that cause a reduction of blood circulation in their fingers during cold weather, and their fingers turn white because of that lack of circulation. Heated gloves will keep their hands warm so they can enjoy being outside in the cold weather again.

Whether you want to warm your hands for work or play, enhance your quality of life and increase your comfort by choosing a pair of good quality heated gloves, and you will never want to be without them again.

Heated Socks

Not only are your fingertips suffer from the cold but toes are also one of the first places to feel the cold. So why not try heated socks. The socks are normally have heating elements in the toe area and made of thermolite and wool. Its important to remeber the elements dont get hot just a gentle warmth. Check out our selection of heated socks and keep your toes warm!

USB Heated Gloves

I naturally suffer from the cold and sometimes suffer from discomfort with my hands when im in the office when people have the air conditioning on or in a cold room. So imagine my excitement when i discovered gloves that were heated by plugging into my USB port on my computer ! espically me being a big gadget freak. Ive used normal heated gloves for months but wasnt sure about heated gloves ( which are normally fingerless) that were powered by USB but they have been great! No more discomfort or cold cramps. They come in all styles ive even seen ones like mickey mouse hands. So if you cant stand typing or playing games with cold hands why suffer any longer take a look at our selection of USB Heated gloves.


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