Heated Car Seat Cushion


Car seat cushions have been a rage for those who want their cars to be a luxury. There are various kinds of cushions for cars that are available in different designs and colors. Not only you can look for them in retail stores but also on the internet. The websites display a lot of designs which are also found on the stores but if you cannot go and buy them for yourself then you can order online. There are no shipping charges and you find the item on your doorstep within no time.

Heated Car Seat Cushion

Heated car seat cushion is of a kind. It gives comfort to your back and buttocks while you are driving or just sitting beside. Such cushions are for giving warmth in winter and their temperature can be adjusted according to the heat level that you require. They usually maintain temperature between 110 to 120 degrees. By using a simple button, you can adjust the temperature to low, high and off so that you can get a comfort level of heat while sitting on the cushion. There is another option for setting temperature of this cushion that first you can set the temperature at high for about five minutes and then switch it to low or turn it off because it would be warm enough to get comfortable on it. For home and office use, they have an optional 12v adapter. The cushion has straps and adjusting belts so that the cushion can be attached to the car seat. The fabric that it is made of is quite smooth and of high quality so that you do not feel uneasy while sitting on it. The material is long lasting and the cushion itself has usually a warranty of two years. Some of these cushions are cheap and can be bought easily online. Various designs include the ones that cover the whole seat, the ones that can be spread like a sheet on the seat, and the ones that are used for buttocks only.

Some of the customer reviews mention that the straps and elastic belts with the help of which the cushion is fastened to the seat break easily or are not good enough to keep the cushion in proper shape because the heated car seat cushion bends down. One more thing that a consumer must keep in mind while using this heated car cushion is that they must not be left switched on because they use up car’s battery. Some of the brands manufacture outstanding designs that support lumbar and help in relieving the back pains.

Doctors also recommend heated car seat cushion because it is very relaxing in winters. Usually the back pain aggravates in winters due to severe cold, so if you have to reach office early every morning and you are suffering from back pain, then you can give five minutes to the car cushion to heat up and then sit to drive. So, if you want comfort while driving and while traveling for long hours you must select car seat cushions that can be heated because not only heat saves you from cold but also gives comfort to your back pain.


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