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HD Mirror Cam Review

The HD Mirror Cam is created by Inventel Products, which is a famous ASOTV firm. It provides many other popular products to customers. The HD Mirror Cam is one such product offered by Inventel Products. The manufacturer has got a B+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.

The HD Mirror Cam is a dashboard camera that can be attached directly to the rearview mirror of the car. It records videos in full HD and comes with an adjustable wide angle lens. This mirror camera has many other features, which you will come to know after reading this article.

Specifications and features of the HD Mirror Cam

The HD Mirror Cam has specifications of 13.2 x 2.5 x 6 inches and weighs 12.8 ounces. It works on 2 AA batteries. This mirror cam features an inbuilt LCD screen, which is 2.5-inch in size. This mirror camera is very easy to install since it just takes a few seconds to set up. It turns your current rear view mirror into a new dashcam.

The HD Mirror Cam can also work as a momentary substitute for the factory issued, standard rearview mirror, along with allowing you to capture audio, photos, and videos with it. This mirror cam comes with a mode of screen shut off that provides safety to the driver while driving.

This mirror camera lets you view your footage along with other media instantaneously. Plus, you can also download the media to your computer directly with the help of an integrated SD memory card reader.

The HD Mirror Cam comes with a motion detection attribute, which lets you record when there is no one in the car. It features the automatic ignition start ability that automatically begins the recording as soon as you start your car and stops as soon as the ignition is switched off.

This mirror camera can rotate 350 degrees. It is equipped with a high-definition resolution of full 720P and built-in rechargeable battery. This mirror cam can also work at night, unlike other mirror cameras available in the market. This special night vision of the camera can be automatically adjusted according to different light levels.


In order to set up the HD Mirror Cam, you need to first insert the micro SD card on the camera’s top. Then, you need to position it over your factory issued, standard sized rearview mirror. Make sure you secure its position by attaching its soft bands to the current rearview mirror. Then, you need to put the adhesive clips on your windshield’s edge and plug its adapter on the top of the camera. Finally, you need to run the wire via the clips. Your HD Mirror Cam is successfully installed.


The HD Mirror Cam substitutes a regular rearview mirror, which does not have an arm that is connected to the windshield. This mirror cam is fitted with 2 flexible rubber straps, which can be connected to the device’s bottom and top parts and then can be wrapped around the current mirror’s back.

Just below this device is its rotating camera, which is equipped with an infrared LED on every side and a middle lens. These LED lights emit a particular light wavelength, which increases the visibility at night. These LEDs light up the camera without resulting in a glare.

The recordings made by this mirror camera are showcased on the 2.5-inch in-built LCD screen, which can be turned off in order to avoid distractions and expand the mirror space while you drive. The HD Mirror Cam asserts that it can record up to a maximum period of 14 hours on a continuous loop. However, this also relies on the SD card’s size.

Accessories and warranty

The HD Mirror Cam comes with 1 car charger or adapter, 2 soft bands, 1 USB SD card reader, mounting wire clips, and 1 instruction manual. According to the commercial, customers can upgrade their kit with a micro SD memory card by just paying a small amount of $7.99. The HD Mirror Cam is offered with a money back warranty of 60 days.

Advantages of using the HD Mirror Cam

  • Simple to set up
  • 350-degree rotating camera
  • Beautiful 720p HD quality video with a wide angle lens of 120 degrees
  • Motion detection that works even when there is nobody in the vehicle
  • Automatic ignition start
  • Special night vision with 2 infrared LEDs on each side
  • Continuous loop recording that works up to 14 hours
  • Affordably priced

Disadvantages of HD Mirror Cam

  • Records only in 1 direction at a time
  • Poor customer support service

Customer reviews

Some customers say that the HD Mirror Cam has a nice design with great features. They report that this device is easy to operate as well as to set up. The product is delivered quickly with fast shipping. It is easy to use and gives pretty good value for money.

A few users report that the control buttons of the HD Mirror Cam are loose and that it vibrates while driving. They also say that its motion detect feature does not work when the vehicle is off for more than 15 minutes and has a poor resolution.

Some reviewers say that this mirror cam only works for 3 trips or 1 month, it does not have night vision, and its card reader does not work. It has poor documentation, which does not inform the user how they can set its video frames with a time-date stamp. Some users also say that this camera is made of low quality and the customer service is not good.

Bottom line

The HD Mirror Cam is a very reasonably priced mirror cam as compared to the other dashboard cameras out there, which even surpass the cost of $200. This mirror camera offers high performance and is extremely reliable. It features 720p videos with HD quality, one-touch photo snap, and a 350-degree rotating camera. However, owing to some negative reviews by customers, this mirror camera is not good for people who have a big budget and can go for other dashboard cameras in the market.


  1. I received my Hd Mirror Cam. The LCD did not work. I went their website, receive a ph # contact the distributor, they told me there not responsible for what it cost me to ship there defective merchandise.
    This is prothic for a company to advertise produces on a tv network with this kind of return policy and get away with it.

  2. I got my mirror cam and the LCD only work for a short time. I also call and it seem that they did not have an answer. I am stuck with it


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