Hayabusa Tokushu Boxing Gloves Review


This is a Hayabusa Boxing Gloves review aimed at guiding boxing enthusiasts around the world. Every single person on earth has their own ways of keeping their bodies in top form and great shape. Some resort to going to the gym, taking up spin cycle and yoga classes or playing various sports such as basketball, football, baseball and even physically-demanding activities like wresting and boxing.

Boxing is a sport that is currently popular amongst men everywhere. Whether people do it because they want to pursue a career in the said sport or simply just for leisure and fun remains to be seen, but one thing is certain that those who have an interest in boxing will need a pair of durable and long lasting gloves to ensure a safe and injury-free boxing experience. One of the best gloves hot in the market right now is the Hayabusa Tokushu Boxing Gloves.

Hayabusa Tokushu Boxing Gloves Review

Research from various universities and institutes have show that these gloves are without a doubt the best in today’s market. These are the only set of gloves that consists of up to date Deltra EG inner core, revealed to show the uppermost level of glove impact features for utmost defense and functioning. The patented Dual-X closure system and Fusion Splinting of the gloves contains designs that are stylish that guarantees excellent placement in the hand and wrist, which increases prevention from injury and high levels of striking power.

These gloves have state of the art features that ensure high quality and long-term durability. These gloves contain a patented Dual-X Wrist Close and Fusion-Zone Wrist Splinting Designs for perfect hand or wrist alignment, state of the art injury prevention, maximizes punching power by removing energy leaks, exclusive engineered leather Vylar for unmached performance and durability and unique Ecta activated carbonized bamboo lining for ultimate comfort and thermo regulating properties and powerful deodorizing effects.

What makes these boxing gloves stand out from other gloves in the market is its hi-tech features that are mostly incomparable and one of a kind. The Hayabusa Boxing Gloves come in various sizes and can cater to people with even the smallest sets of hands with sizes ranging from 10oz and beyond. The gloves also do not need complex cleaning, as you will only need a mild detergent and a damp cloth to clean the outside part of the gloves and baby powder and dry cloth for the inside. To keep your gloves free from being smelly, moth balls particularly the scented ones can come in very useful.

In retrospect, the Hayabusa Boxing Gloves are simply one of the best boxing gloves in the market today, perfect for both the beginners and the experts. The gloves have a real high quality feel to it, incredibly strong and can fit any hands of all shapes and sizes to a tee. Additionally, they also provide intense protection and support to the hands and wrists. Anyone who wants to try a hand at boxing simply for fun or to pursue a career out of it, these gloves can serve as a great starting point.


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