Hayabusa MMA Gloves


Hayabusa Pro MMA gloves feature a unique design that keeps the gloves squarely in place during activities, without compromising comfort, hand movement or grip. Hayabusa is Canada’s premiere MMA clothing and gear company, sponsoring popular fighters like Patrick Cote, Gesias “JZ” Calvancante, and Karo Parisyan.

The Hayabusa Pro MMA gloves have a unique Y-shape volar design that applies tension to the insides of the palm, keeping the glove tight to the hand whether fists are clenched or the hand is opened. In addition, the Hayabusa Pro MMA glove has two cross-directional straps that provide the greatest comfort and reliability for anchoring the gloves to the wrist. The Pro MMA glove is 4oz regulation weight, and come in two sizes. The gloves can be purchased in either black or white tones.

User reviews have praised Hayabusa for their innovative design, high quality and overall comfort. Buy Hayabusa MMA gloves for a long-lasting training essential that you won’t regret.


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